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The Caribbean Community and Common Market (CARICOM) has committed to reducing the region’s large food import with their “25% by 2025” initiative. Republic Bank has committed US$100 Million in capital to assist the CARICOM region and further the development of Sustainable Agricultural projects. To deliver practical help for this initiative, the bank launched a TT$50 million loan program specifically for Agri-SMEs in Trinidad and Tobago, effective May 1, 2024.

This loan package is tailored to meet the requirements of Agri-SMEs across the entire agricultural value chain. It is designed to address and accommodate the interests of both Republic Bank, (the lender) and the Agri-SME (the Borrower). The loan is structured under two (2) categories where customers can get up to unsecured $150,000 under Tier 1 or up to $400,000 under Tier 2. Businesses can be unregistered or registered, however must be in operations for a minimum 2 years. There will also be a special reduced interest rate.

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To be eligible for the Agri Business Loan:
Tier One:
  • Annual Turnover up to $500,000
  • Registered/unregistered
  • Purpose: working capital, equipment, facility maintenance, process improvement, premises upgrade, debt consolidation, debt restructuring, or vehicles for business.
Tier Two:
  • Annual Turnover between $500,001 to $8M.
  • Registered or provide evidence that registration is in progress.
  • Purpose: working capital, equipment, facility maintenance, process improvement, premises upgrade, debt consolidation, debt restructuring, or vehicles for business.


The borrower should be a CARICOM national.

Start-up businesses will not be able to qualify for this facility. This product is geared towards established operation > 2 years in business /may be varied on the advice of the technical support network/Agri-Specialist at the Centre for Business Innovation.

Any business/individual can qualify within the Agri Business value chain.

Any Agri type business from seedlings, transport / rental of farm equipment, wholesale/retail, farmers, manufacturing, poultry, livestock, fishing, aquaponics, hydroponics, etc. within the chain.

Short-term crops are usually harvested within 4 to 20 weeks. A few examples include.
• Lettuce – 4 weeks
• Patchoi – 6 weeks
• Egg Plants / Tomatoes / Hot peppers 16 to 20 weeks

For egg plants / tomatoes and hot peppers, it takes around 5 months to grow the crop and an additional month to sell it. Therefore, the facility should be reserved for a duration of up to 6 months to accommodate this timeline.

Some examples of short-term livestock include:
• Pigs - 5 to 6 months
• Broilers - 6 to 8 weeks
• Goats – 6 to 12 months
• Rabbits – 12 weeks
• Cows – 9 months

Businesses classified as Secondary Processors typically include food processing companies that transform raw agricultural products into value-added goods. These businesses often have established commercial or wholesale connections and may participate in farmers' markets. Additionally, their products are commonly purchased by supermarkets. Examples of such businesses could be food processors, food packaging companies, juice or sauce producers, and companies that create frozen or dried foods from agricultural produce.

Input providers in the agricultural value chain are businesses or entities that supply various inputs necessary for farming activities.
These inputs can include:
• Seeds and seedlings
• Fertilizers and soil amendments
• Pesticides and herbicides
• Agricultural machinery and equipment
• Irrigation systems
• Livestock feed
• Veterinary services and animal health products
• Agrochemicals
• Farming tools and implement

A reduced / special rate of 7% Fixed will be applied.

Financial Statements will not be required, however, verification of a minimum of 50% of declared income will be required by either deposits to an account or presentation of invoices.

If the customer has an existing MSME loan, this loan must be consolidated in the new request for the Agri Business Loan. At no time should any one customer avail of both facilities simultaneously.

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