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Our new Corporate RepublicOnline gives you the power to conduct your business banking with more convenience, efficiency, autonomy and peace of mind!

Get started with your online registration to bank your way!

It’s easy to manage your business finances the digital way with Corporate RepublicOnline!

Always be one step ahead in your business planning, by knowing your current financial position and having the ability to do your banking anytime, anywhere.

Our new Corporate RepublicOnline gives you the control to manage your business user profile online and execute various banking transactions on your time, all with enhanced security.

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The Corporate RepublicOnline gives business customers the vital convenience of:

  • Accessing real time account balances.
  • Viewing transaction history and eStatements.
  • Conducting single transfers among business accounts and third party accounts.
  • Paying credit cards and utility bills.

But wait, there’s more!

Our new Corporate RepublicOnline gives business users the freedom to:

  • Perform banking transactions using a Mobile App
  • Manage and change users’ access and permissions independently without the bank’s assistance
  • Enjoy electronic second factor authentication for enhanced banking security
  • Experience an improved user interface
  • Have access to view and download account statements for the last 18 months
  • Conduct the following transactions:
    • make additional loan payments
    • make multiple transfers all from the same transaction screen

Getting started is easy! Here are the 5 steps to get your business banking online now!

Step 1

Please review the Corporate Site Administrator Overview, as this person will be key to the day-to-day running of your business. Also read the Terms and Conditions for the upgraded Corporate RepublicOnline.

Step 2

Complete the online version of the application form by clicking here or download the PDF version here to print and complete.*

Note that the online version will also require you to download and print the application form which will populate your typed responses.

*What’s my Customer ID? - This is a unique identifying number, that was provided by the Bank upon creation of your account. The application will require your ‘Customer ID’. If you are not in receipt, please contact our Call Centre for support at 1-868-623-4RBL (4725).

What is a Site Administrator? - This is the person responsible for setting up and managing your business online banking users’ access and rights/permissions.

Step 3

Authorised Directors are required to sign and affix the company stamp. Scan the completed form and save in PDF, JPG or PNG format.

Step 4

Email your completed registration form to with the subject header – ‘Corporate RepublicOnline Registration - ’. When your request is actioned, you will receive a temporary password that will be required for your first login to the upgraded site.

Step 5

Checkout our First Login demo, User Guide, Road Map for Site Administrators and FAQs, to get your business ready to bank online!

Not too sure how to use Corporate RepublicOnline?

View the list of demos here.

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