Republic Online
RepublicOnline makes managing your accounts and paying your bills easy and safe from anywhere via any device with an internet connection.

You can now register online and get access to your commercial account without even visiting a branch!

Manage your time and finances with ease, regardless of the type and size of your business!

Simply log on here to access current information on your accounts.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere!

Sign up here today, conveniently from your home or office. Do your banking anywhere, anytime with RepublicOnline.

RepublicOnline is the safe and convenient way to:


  • Account Balances
  • Transaction history
  • eStatements


  • Transfers between your company's Republic Bank Accounts
  • Credit Card and Utility Bill Payments
  • Third Party transfers within Republic Bank Accounts


  • Convenience and efficiency - payments can be made to suppliers with balances immediately reflected.
  • Reduce business costs – free online banking service
  • Easy monitoring - 24/7 access to your commercial account
  • Better record keeping
  • Enhanced security – multiple protection layers
  • Automated email and SMS alerts
  • 24/7 Call Centre

With RepublicOnline, we guarantee confidentiality and security through the use of your unique user ID and password. Also, you have the added security of a Republic ID-Secure card which allows you to carry out third party transfers.

With RepublicOnline's two factor authentication, we guarantee confidentiality and security. Using your unique user ID and password, with the added security of a unique Republic ID-Secure card, ensures that your personal financial information is safe!

We've improved our process to better serve you and your business!

As we continue to seek ways to help you bank safely from home or the office, we've updated our registration process for RepublicOnline to avoid you from having to visit a branch.


Step 1
Complete the RepublicOnline Commercial & Corporate Application form and print the document. Authorised signatories are required to sign and affix the company stamp. Scan the completed form to PDF, jpg or png format.

Step 2
Each of the authorised signatories is required to hold his/her ID in hand and take a ‘selfie’, clearly showing both full face and ID. Take another picture showing the reverse, if it is an ID card.

Step 3
Compose an e-mail to with the subject header – ‘Corporate Internet Banking Registration’, please also include your company’s name. Attach the selfies and the copy of the registration form.

Step 4
A Republic Bank representative will contact all signatories via email, to advise that they will receive a Whatsapp video call from 1-868-487-9912.

The Whatsapp video call is an important step in completing the registration process. You may decide to decline the Whatsapp video call, however, please note that the registration will not be completed and you will have to visit a branch.

Step 5
Each user will then receive a welcome letter via email.
If you have a query, please send an email to or call: 623-4RBL (4725) (Extensions 29883 / 29886)

See below for the application form and get started today!

PDF Image RepublicOnline Commercial & Corporate Application form.

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