Express Deposit

Express Deposit

No teller, no line! A fast, convenient and secure way for you to make deposits and bill payments.

Save yourself the trouble of standing in line. You can make secure deposits and bill payments at your convenience using our Express Deposit Service.

Simply fill out the information requested on the envelope and place the cash or cheque(s) inside. Then, remove the 'customer record' slip and seal the envelope by revealing the glue strip. Place the envelope in the deposit box and validate the 'customer record' which will cause the envelope to drop safely in the box.

Locations for the Express Deposit are as follows:

  1. Arima
  2. Atlantic Plaza Agency
  3. Auchenskeoch, Tobago
  4. Cipero St
  5. Chaguanas
  6. Couva
  7. Ellerslie Court
  8. Fyzabad
  9. Grand Bazaar
  10. Gulf View
  11. Harris Promenade
  12. High Street
  13. Independence Square
  14. Long Circular Mall
  15. Main Street, Tobago
  16. Marabella
  17. Park Street
  18. Penal
  19. Point Fortin
  20. Pointe-A-Pierre
  21. Sangre Grande
  22. Shops of Arima
  23. Siparia
  24. Tragarete Road
  25. Trincity
  26. Tunapuna East
  27. Tunapuna West
  28. Valpark
  29. West Mall


Branch Locations

N.B. You will instantly receive validation for the transaction and there is absolutely no charge attached to the service.

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