A range of electronic payment solutions that includes payments to employees and vendors

RepublicACH (Automated Clearing House) is an electronic payment system which eliminates the hassle of sending and receiving payments between banks.

Our reliable web-based network allows you to transfer funds securely and precisely, with the click of a button. Each of the participating banks has its own internal ACH network, which are all connected to a centralised ACH network called Transach. The Central Bank oversees the operations of this network. The Trinidad and Tobago Interbank Payments System (TTIPS), the ACH Operator, approves and processes all ACH transactions that move between banks via Transach.

RepublicACH allows you to make electronic payments such as:
Direct Deposits:

  • Salaries
  • Dividends
  • Pensions
  • Insurance Claims
  • Cash Management
Direct Debits:
  • Insurance Premiums
  • Mortgage Payments

RepublicACH is:

  1. Convenient
    Allows you to automatically send and receive payments on time.
    All you need is a computer and an Internet connection.

  2. Quick
    Payments are received the next business day.

  3. Cost effective
    The system saves you money as you can now print and store fewer cheques.

  4. Saves Time
    You can make several payment requests in one ACH file.

  5. Confidential and More secure
    Electronic payments are a safe and reliable way to transfer funds.
    RepublicACH is an electronic payment system that uses sophisticated cryptographic technologies. It is also managed by the Bank’s own well-protected and closely guarded security systems. ACH users are assigned a unique password and username to enhance privacy and security.

  6. Less chance of fraud
    Unlike cheques, Republic ACH transactions are less likely to be falsified, lost or stolen.

How does it work?
The entire process is automated. Here is what it looks like:

How do I apply?
Click on the following link: and select the “Apply Now” tab to download the required RepublicACH Forms.

After downloading and completing the RepublicACH forms, contact your Corporate/Account Manager who will go through the application process with you.

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