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    Pan Minors
    Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago: July 10, 2019. For the next three weeks young pannists between the ages of 10-16...
    10 Jul 2019
    Vincent Pereira joins the Board of Directors of Republic Bank Limited
    Port of Spain, Trinidad, July 2, 2019: Vincent Pereira has joined the Board of Directors of Republic Bank Limited with...
    02 Jul 2019
    Bishops Anstey Junior And Dunross Top Mini Polo League
    Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, July 02, 2019: The Republic Bank National Primary Schools Mini Polo League ended on Sunday...
    02 Jul 2019
    The Republic Bank/Price Smart Visa Platinum Card Launch
    Port of Spain, Trinidad, June 24, 2019: Republic Bank and PriceSmart launched their first co-branded credit card on...
    25 Jun 2019

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    Prices as at 23/07/2019
    Republic Money Market Fund
    Price Per Unit Yield July 2019
    TT$100.00 1.45%
    Republic US$ Fixed Income Securities Fund
    Price Per Unit Income Distribution as at 14/06/19
    106.1064 0.5017
    Republic Caribbean Equity Fund
    Offer Price Bid Price Income Distribution as at 31/07/18
    TT$68.7407 TT$67.3928 TT$0.4003
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