Republic Bank Videos

    Republic Bank Launches Second Small Business Workshop
    Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, July 19, 2018: The Republic Bank ActionCLUB workshop series is back, by popular demand.
    20 Jul 2018
    Our Children Read to their Communities
    Port of Spain, Trinidad, July 6, 2018: First and second-year students from 35 primary schools across Trinidad and...
    09 Jul 2018
    National Athletes Shine at NAAA National Open Championships
    Port of Spain, Trinidad, July 2, 2018: The intermittent showers were no match for the athleticism displayed by this...
    03 Jul 2018
    Central Rhythmz Win Third Consecutive Tassa Championship
    Port of Spain, Trinidad, June 27, 2018: In an unbeatable performance that was equal parts drama and musical talent...
    29 Jun 2018

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    Prices as at 20/07/2018
    Republic Money Market Fund
    Price Per Unit Yield July 2018
    TT$100.00 1.30%
    Republic US$ Fixed Income Securities Fund
    Price Per Unit Income Distribution as at 14/06/18
    104.7763 0.3482
    Republic Caribbean Equity Fund
    Offer Price Bid Price Income Distribution as at 31/07/17
    TT$58.57 TT$57.43 TT$0.9745
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