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CG United Insurance TT Ltd. (formerly Massy United Insurance Ltd.)

Autopro Motor Insurance Plan*

  • 25% Republic Bank Credit Card Discount
  • 20% Republic Bank Mortgagor Discount
  • Free Special Perils

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Discount is applicable once the individual is paying with his/her Republic Bank International Credit Card for their full annual premium with COLFIRE and that the Cardholder is also the Insured.

  • Get 20% discount when you pay with your Republic Bank Credit Card.
  • 20% Republic Bank Mortgagor Discount (client must have a vehicle loan with Republic Bank where a mortgage bill of sale (MBS) is held for the vehicle)
  • The cardholder’s name must match the name on the insurance policy.
  • The discount is facilitated if the payment is made through a COLFIRE Branch.
  • Discount is applicable to private vehicle insurances.

Please note however, that COLFIRE policyholders are entitled to their Safe Driver Discount (NCD) and any other three (3) discounts they qualify for (Republic Bank Credit Card discount included).


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