Electronic Cheque Clearing System (ECCS)


The new Electronic Cheque Clearing system requires all Banks to update their cheques to comply with the Canadian Payments Association (CPA) standards. This ensures that all cheques are standardized for better, more efficient processing, to better serve you.

Since the launch of the ECC system on February 6, 2023, all Banks continued accepting cheques in the old format to facilitate customers who hadn’t updated their cheques. However, based on the updated industry-wide cheque standard, effective May 5, 2023, we advise that we will no longer accept cheques that do not comply with the newly implemented ECC System, including those from other local Banks..

Not sure if you have updated cheques? Please see samples of our updated cheques below:

Manager’s Cheques

Manager Cheque Front

Manager Cheque Back

Personal and Commercial Cheques

Personal Cheque Layout
Personal Cheque

Commercial Cheque Layout
Commercial Cheque

Special Cheques

Special Cheque Layout

Specially Designed Business Cheques:
Sample cheques with the revised design must be submitted to your Account Manager or Corporate Manager for approval before issuance.

Alternative Options
Personal customers: you can avail of our online banking services – RepublicOnline and RepublicMobile App, to make your everyday banking easy.
Click here to sign up for online banking today.

Businesses can avail of:

  • Corporate Online Banking services for more efficient management of your company’s finances, sending and receiving payments quickly and easily.
  • RepublicACH platform, that allows for direct deposits which include payments for salaries, service providers, suppliers and much more.

If you have any questions about this change, please email us at email@rfhl.com or view our Frequently Asked Questions here.

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