All our cheques have a new look.


We’ve updated the layout of all our cheques in preparation for making the cheque clearing process much faster, meet international standards and serve you better.

Please see our new cheque layouts below:

Manager’s Cheques

Manager Cheque Front

Manager Cheque Back

Personal and Commercial Cheques

Personal Cheque Layout
Personal Cheque

Commercial Cheque Layout
Commercial Cheque

Special Cheques

Special Cheque Layout

Specially Designed Business Cheques:
For business customers issuing ‘special cheques’, please contact the Service Supervisor or Account Manager at your branch or your Corporate Manager to ensure that your design is aligned to the new standard.

Cheques with the old format will still be accepted until further notice.

Alternative Options
Businesses can avail of our:

  • Corporate Online Banking services for more efficient management of your company’s finances, sending and receiving payments quickly and easily.
  • RepublicACH platform, that allows for direct deposits which include payments for salaries, service providers, suppliers and much more.

Personal customers can also make use of our online banking solutions to make your everyday banking easy. Sign up today for our internet and mobile banking solutions, today.

If you have any questions about this change, please email us at

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