Going where
no T&T Bank
has gone before

Access RepublicOnline and
RepublicMobile App without
the need for data

Celebrate another first from Republic Bank.

Now you can keep up to date with your finances without incurring charges from your mobile data provider!

Yes, you read it right!

You pay ZERO charges and use ZERO data when you use RepublicOnline and RepublicMobile to:

  • View your account balances
  • Make transfers
  • Pay your bills
  • Load your cards and more!

Zero Rated Usage

All you need to know about Zero-Rated Access:

Frequently Asked Questions

A. Zero-Rated Usage is the free use of data when using RepublicOnline and RepublicMobile App services. Customers would not be charged mobile data costs for using Internet Banking and Mobile Banking Apps.

A. This applies to both Bmobile and Digicel customers. All Bmobile/Digicel customers who are registered with the RepublicOnline and RepublicMobile App.

A. It applies to any device that uses a Bmobile or Digicel SIM card for data access including mobile phones, tablets or laptops.

A. No registration is required. Customers accessing the banks’ RepublicOnline or RepublicMobile App services would not be billed for data usage.

A. This service applies for local use only.

A. Yes. Given that the connection is established via a mobile service provider, you will be able to access our services without consuming data.

A. You don’t need a data plan to access our services. Once your phone’s mobile data feature is switched on, you can use RepublicOnline or RepublicMobile App without having to purchase a plan.

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