Investment Management Contracts

The Trust Services Division (formerly the Trust and Asset Management Division, TRAM [established 1938]) offers individuals the ability to meet their savings and investment needs via Investment Management Contracts (IMC).

Each IMC client has access to a dedicated analyst, who under the guidance of the Investment Manager, will construct a portfolio tailor-made to meet the client's unique goals, return objectives and risk tolerance.

A summary of services provided to IMC clients includes:

  • Customised portfolio construction allowing access to local and international fixed income (bond) and equity markets
  • Rigorous analysis and due diligence of all assets which must be approved by the Bank's Head Office Investment Committee prior to purchase
  • Regular monitoring of assets and the overall portfolio
  • Active portfolio re-balancing taking into account changing market conditions as well as changes in client circumstances
  • Custody of client assets in accounts established for their sole benefit which are held separate and apart from bank assets
  • Provision of quarterly statements showing the value of assets and a summary of all transactions for the quarter


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