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With the new Republic Bank Visa Debit card, your transactions are now safer and more secure with Chip and PIN technology. You now also have the convenience of making contactless transactions, so the card never leaves your possession!
The Republic Bank Visa Debit card provides an additional layer of security for your transactions with the inclusion of chip and PIN technology and allows you to:
  • conduct contactless transactions at any Point of Sale terminal or ATM enabled with contactless technology
  • conduct online transactions on local websites
  • view your account balance at a Point of Sale terminal or ATM*
  • withdraw cash at an ATM*
  • pay for goods and services at any Point of Sale terminal*

*To be used at Point of Sale terminals and ATMs where the LINX logo is displayed.

It’s quick and convenient as customers can pay securely without thinking about change, easy to use and gives you guaranteed security that cash can’t provide.

Should your card be captured at an ATM, misplaced, lost or stolen, please contact the LINX hotline at 624-7055.

Chip and PIN technology

This provides an additional layer of security for your card. At Point of Sale terminals which accept chip cards, you will be required to insert your card into the terminal, chip first, before proceeding with your transaction.

Contactless transactions

You now have the ability to conduct contactless transactions with your card. For transactions under TT$300.00 you can simply tap your card within one inch of the device and follow the instructions on the screen.

Look for this logo to determine if contactless transactions are accepted. contactless-transaction-symbol

You can also:
  • Withdraw funds at any ATM carrying the LINX logo to a total of $5,000/day*
  • Perform LINX / Point-of-Sale (POS) purchases to a total of $50,000/day
  • Perform LINX balance enquiries

*The ATM withdrawal limit is reduced to $1,000/day between the hours of 10pm – 4am.

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Cost of ABM withdrawals at Republic Bank ABMs for Time Saver, RightStart and Career Builder:

  • Approved- $0.75
  • Declined - $0.75

ABM Transactions at other banks:

  • Approved Cash Withdrawal - $4.00
  • Declined Cash Withdrawal - $1.15
  • Approved Balance Enquiry - $0.75
  • Declined Balance Enquiry - $0.75
  • Double check that the purchase amount is correctly entered by the store clerk/cashier before authorising any transaction with your Personal Identification Number (PIN).
  • Keep your PIN confidential by standing directly in front of the PIN pad when keying in your PIN.
  • Always retain your card and receipt when you complete your transaction.
  • Keep your receipts as a record of your transactions.
  • Remember you can use your Visa Debit card at Republic Bank's Blue Machines and at merchants or businesses displaying the LINX symbol.


Your new Republic Bank Visa Debit card has a number of new features that will improve your experience when making purchases or visiting the ATM. These new features include:

Chip and PIN technology – this will make all in-person purchases made with your card more secure.

Contactless technology – for purchases less than TT$300.00 can be made quickly and conveniently without the card leaving your possession

E-Commerce capability – when this feature is activated by the Bank, you will have the added convenience of being able to make online purchases on local websites with your Republic Bank Visa Debit card.

Republic Bank continues to provide enhanced protection to cardholders through 24-hour monitoring and continuous implementation of the latest fraud detection systems. The migration to chip technology represents a forward-looking evolution of electronic payment systems, designed to make an already safe payments system even more secure.

As the card is used there will be wear and tear on its important components such as the magnetic stripe and chip. The expiry date allows for a scheduled replacement of the card and your continued, problem-free use.

The number on the front of the card is your new card number and does not represent or change your existing account number maintained at your home branch.

To ensure adherence to the highest industry standards for card issuance, the Bank has aligned your new Visa Debit card to Visa’s guidelines for chip cards. However, your card continues to operate within the bounds of the LINX network thereby giving you the best of both worlds, the safety and security of Visa and the simplified fee structure of the LINX network.


Your card will be automatically activated upon completion of a successful PIN transaction at any point-of-sale terminal or ATM. A PIN transaction is one in which your Personal Identification Number (PIN) is required to complete the transaction.

Upon completion of a successful transaction using your Republic Bank Visa Debit card, your old Republic Bank OneCard will be deactivated within one (1) working day.

All Republic Bank OneCards with the magstripe technology only, will be replaced with the Republic Bank Visa Debit card. This is a nationwide change to provide enhanced security to cardholders. Over the next few months other local Banks will also be converting their LINX debit cards to chip cards.
Your existing Republic Bank OneCard will no longer be valid once you receive and activate your new Republic Bank Visa Debit card.



PIN changes can be done at any Republic Bank ATM or at any one of our Republic Bank branches. We recommend you change your PIN to something that can be easily remembered, but is not so easy that fraudsters can guess, e.g. date of birth, address #, phone #, license plate #, etc.

If you can’t remember your existing PIN, simply visit any one of our branches and complete a PIN request form, which must be accompanied with a valid form of identification. A replacement PIN will be mailed to your mailing address on file.



The symbol shown below will indicate if a terminal or ATM is enabled with contactless technology.


You can conduct the following types of transactions using your card:
Magstripe – your card is swiped at a point-of-sale terminal or inserted to an ATM.
Chip and PIN – your card is inserted into the machine for the duration of the transaction.
Contactless – you will be required to tap your card at a contactless device. Tap the card within one inch of the terminal and follow the instructions displayed on the screen.
Online – when this type of transaction is enabled, you will be able to use the 16-digit number and expiry date found on the front of the card, along with the 3-digit CVV/security code to the rear, to purchase the things you need online. Valid for local websites only.

There are no additional fees for this card. The same fees that currently apply to your existing Republic Bank OneCard will apply to your new Republic Bank Visa Debit card. That means you will benefit from enhanced security at no additional cost to you, plus, transactions at point-of-sale machines are free.

Please visit to determine if this feature is currently available.

You will not be able to use your card outside of Trinidad and Tobago at this time; however this will be enabled at the Bank’s discretion.

Yes, you will be required to re-register your card for Yooz top-up.

You can request that the merchant swipe the card and follow the normal procedures. All merchants locally are aware of chip technology even if they have not already switched. Although the chip transaction process is straightforward when the terminal prompts are followed, it is a change that will take time for everyone to get used to. We also know that many merchants employ a wide variety of full-time and part-time staff who receive varying levels of training. Your transaction might be the first one for the clerk and it could take a little longer for them to complete. Your patience in these situations is appreciated.
If a merchant refuses to accept your Republic Bank Visa Debit card because they are mistaking it for a Visa credit card, you may show them the LINX logo located on the reverse of your card.

Not all merchants use the same terminals. Merchants that have contactless terminals may prompt you to use the contactless feature or, for chip-enabled terminals, they will insert the card into the terminal. Merchants that do not have chip-enabled terminals will swipe the card. Rest assured that all transactions are secure.

When completing a chip transaction, there is no need to sign the sales slip because the PIN serves as the validation. However, the technology is still relatively new, and some merchants may still ask for a signature. Even though it is not required, we recommend that you sign the sales slip to avoid any disruption. Over time, as merchants become more familiar and comfortable with the new process, this practice will cease.

If you have a damaged or non-functional card, please contact us at 623-4RBL or visit a Republic Bank branch to arrange a replacement.



If you card is lost or stolen, you should contact us at 623-4RBL (4725) and report it immediately. Once reported, you can visit the branch to request a new one.

If you haven’t received your card, please visit your home branch so that our representative may issue a Visa Debit card to you.

If you have further questions about your new Republic Bank Visa Debit card, kindly contact us at 623-4RBL.

Should you discover that an unauthorised withdrawal/payment has been debited from your account, please take the following corrective actions:

  1. Identify the fraudulent transactions on your account.
  2. Contact our Call Centre at 624-7055 to have your card stopped. Your card will no longer be functional once this step is completed.
  3. Visit the nearest Republic Bank branch with your card and complete the dispute form (supplied by the branch).
  4. Collect your new card from the branch.
  5. Make a report to the police / fraud squad. You must bring in the original citizen report receipt that you will receive from the Police / fraud squad for us to copy.
  6. The documents will be forwarded to the Bank's Corporate Security Department for investigation and a Bank investigator will contact you.

To protect yourself from card skimming, please see our list of helpful tips here.


  1. In this Agreement:
    a) “ABM” means automated banking machine.
    b) “Account” means an account in the name of the Cardholder (whether solely or jointly with another person) maintained by the Bank that can be accessed by using your Visa Debit card.
    c) “Acquiring Bank” means the entity that initiates and maintains relationships with Merchants for the acceptance of the Visa Debit card.
    d) “Bank” means Republic Bank Limited, its successors and assigns.
    e) “Cardholder” means any person having power under the mandate to operate the Account (whether solely or jointly) and to whom or for whose use a Visa Debit card is issued by the Bank.
    f) “Visa Debit Card Transaction” means any transaction effected by the use of the Visa Debit card, (including without limitation deposits, withdrawals, payments, funds’ transfers and balance inquiries).
    g) “Visa Debit Card” means the Republic Bank Visa Debit Card issued at the request and in the name of a Cardholder for use against the Account and includes any renewal or replacement Visa Debit card.
    h) “Visa Debit Card Limit” means the maximum value of any one or more Visa Debit card Transaction within a certain period as notified by the Bank to the Cardholder from time to time.
    i) “Debt” means all amounts including without limitation fees, interest and other charges), owed to the Bank in respect of the Account.
    j) “Bank’s Electronic Channels” means any of the electronic, online, digital or mobile platforms used by the Bank, including without limitation, the Bank’s website, social media platforms and SMS.
    k) “International Provider” means Visa Incorporated, Merchant or Acquiring Bank as applicable.
    l) “Merchant” means the corporation, firm, or individual who has agreed to honour the Visa Debit card upon presentation by the Cardholder.
    m) “PIN” means the personal identification number for the Cardholder to use with the Visa Debit card.
  2. The Visa Debit card must be signed by the Cardholder immediately upon receipt and may only be used by the Cardholder:
    a) after it has been activated;
    b) after it has been signed;
    c) subject to the terms of this Agreement which are in force at the time of use;
    d) within the available balance of the Account at the Bank;
    e) to obtain the facilities and benefits made available by the Bank with respect to the Visa Debit card; and
    f) subject to the right of the Bank, in its absolute discretion and without prior notice, at any time to withdraw the right to use the Visa Debit card, refuse any request for authorization of any Visa Debit Card Transaction or to cancel, refuse, re-issue, renew or replace the Visa Debit card.
  3. The Bank will debit or credit as applicable, the Account with the amount of all Visa Debit Card Transactions and any other liabilities of the Cardholder and any loss incurred by the Bank arising from the use of the Visa Debit card.
  4. The Cardholder will pay to the Bank all amounts so debited and all charges pertaining to the acquisition and operation of the Visa Debit card and or the Account, and/or its renewal and/or its replacement in the event of loss/theft/damage.
  5. Until the expiry date of the Visa Debit card and subject always to this Agreement, transactions using the Visa Debit card may be authorized by the Cardholder using, (as the circumstances require), a combination of the Visa Debit card and/or the PIN and/or signature and/or other security details associated with the Visa Debit card or the Account or in other ways advised to the Cardholder by the Bank from time to time. Such authorization will be given to the Bank, or at an ABM or to a Merchant. The Cardholder will nevertheless remain liable to pay the Bank all amounts debited to the Account.
  6. Whenever the Visa Debit card is used in conjunction with an ABM and/or point of sale terminal it must be used only in accordance with and subject to the operating instructions and conditions of use in force for the time being for such ABM and/or point of sale terminal, including without limitation the Visa Debit Card Limit. If a Merchant issues a refund voucher in respect of a Visa Debit Card Transaction, the Bank will credit to the Visa Debit Card Account the amount shown to be due when it receives the refund voucher or other simple refund verification acceptable to the Bank. Unless such refund voucher or verification is received by the Bank then (subject to any rights vested in the Cardholder by statute) the amount will be payable in full to the Bank and no claim by a Cardholder against the Merchant may be the subject of set-off or counter claim against the Bank.
  7. The Bank will not be liable in any way if the Visa Debit card is not honored by a Merchant or other third party or for any retention of a Visa Debit card by the Bank, any other financial institution, or any seller of goods or services.
  8. No Visa Debit card may be used after its expiry date.
  9. No Visa Debit card may be used as payment for any illegal or fraudulent Visa Debit Card Transaction.
  10. The Bank will provide the Cardholder with a PIN for the Visa Debit card. The Cardholder is required to change the PIN at any Bank ABM.
  11. The Cardholder is solely liable to the Bank for all Debt (including such Debt arising from any loss incurred by the Bank through the use of the Visa Debit card. This Clause is applicable whether or not a sales or other voucher is signed by a Cardholder. In the case of a joint Account, the liability of the Cardholders and/or Account holders is joint and several.
  12. The Visa Debit card remains the property of the Bank at all times and must be returned by the Cardholder to the Bank, or any other person acting for the Bank, at the request of the Bank.
  13. The Bank may at any time and without notice, cancel or suspend the right to use the Visa Debit card entirely or refuse to re-issue, renew or replace any Visa Debit card, without in any case affecting the Cardholder’s obligations to the Bank which shall continue in force.
  14. The Cardholder will exercise all possible care to ensure the safety of the Visa Debit card and will prevent the PIN from becoming known to any person. The Cardholder will not disclose the Visa Debit card number and/or the Visa Debit card’s other security details to any third party except for the purpose of a Visa Debit Card Transaction or when reporting to the Bank, the actual loss or theft of or damage to the Visa Debit card. In no event however shall the Cardholder disclose the PIN to the Bank or any other person when reporting such loss, theft or misuse.
  15. If the Visa Debit card is lost, stolen, or for any other reason liable to misuse or if the PIN, Visa Debit card number or other security details is disclosed in breach of the terms of this Agreement, the Cardholder must immediately notify the Bank’s call centre, or any branch of the Bank. This notice, if given orally, must be confirmed by the Cardholder, in writing duly signed, to any Bank branch as soon as possible or no later than 14 days. The Cardholder acknowledges and agrees that any oral notification given will not take effect unless and until confirmed in writing to the Bank. The Cardholder further acknowledges and agrees that until the Bank receives effective notification, the Cardholder will be liable with respect to the use of the Visa Debit card.
  16. The Cardholder will give to the Bank all the information in the Cardholder’s possession as to the circumstances of the loss, theft or misuse of the Visa Debit card or disclosure of the PIN or other Visa Debit card security details and take all steps deemed necessary by the Bank to assist in the recovery of a missing Visa Debit card. In the event of any such loss, theft or misuse being suspected, the Bank may provide the police or other pertinent authority with any information it considers relevant whether relative to the Visa Debit card, the Account or otherwise. If a Visa Debit card is reported as lost, stolen or liable to misuse, that Visa Debit card must not subsequently be used, but must be cut in half through the chip and returned immediately to the Bank.
  17. The Bank shall not be liable if it is unable to perform its obligations due directly or indirectly to the failure of any machine, data processing system or transmission link or to industrial dispute or to any cause outside the control of the Bank, its agents, servants or sub-contractors.
  18. Any notice, Account statement or other communication to the Cardholder shall be conveyed via post, facsimile message, in branch promotions, statement inserts, media transmissions, electronic mail, or via any of the Bank’s Electronic Channels, to the address(es) notified to the Bank in writing. Any such notice or other communication shall be deemed received by the Cardholder, if delivered by post, within 48 hours after the date of posting and within 24 hours if sent by facsimile message or otherwise electronically.
  19. Any queries concerning any entry on an Account statement must be made in writing by the Cardholder to any Bank branch or call centre within thirty (30) calendar days of the date of the statement after which time the Bank will not be obliged to consider any query and the Cardholder shall be deemed to have accepted all the matters contained in such statement as true and correct in all respects. Any and all disputes between a Cardholder and a Merchant in respect of any Visa Debit Card Transaction shall be resolved by and between the Cardholder and the Merchant. In the case of such disputes, the Bank shall remain fully indemnified by the Cardholder in respect of any and all claims arising therefrom whether by the Merchant or any third party.
  20. The Bank in its sole discretion may vary this Agreement or any part of it by giving the Cardholder notice of the change through announcements on the Bank’s website or otherwise by giving notice in accordance with this Agreement.
  21. The Cardholder may terminate this Agreement for his Visa Debit card by written notice to the Bank but such termination shall only be effective when such notice and all Visa Debit cards issued to the Cardholder (and in the case of joint Accounts, all Cardholders), have been returned to the Bank.
  22. The Bank may terminate this Agreement at any time without notice and thereupon cancel or refuse to renew the Visa Debit card(s) issued to all Cardholders. The Bank may also suspend the use of the Visa Debit card in the event of any breach of the terms of this Agreement by any Cardholder on the Account. Unless and until termination takes place as provided for in this Agreement, the Bank will provide a new Visa Debit card for each Cardholder from time to time.
  23. The Cardholder shall immediately notify any Bank branch in writing of any change of name or address.
  24. If any part of this Agreement is to be found invalid, the rest remains effective.
  25. Use of the Visa Debit card use at all times be subject to any statutory restrictions or regulations which may be imposed from time to time by the Central Bank of Trinidad & Tobago or any other governmental or other authority. All Visa Debit Card Transactions completed in a currency other than the currency of the Visa Debit card will be converted and posted to the Account statement in the currency of the Visa Debit card. The International Provider will convert to TT$ dollars any international charge or debit made to the Account. The conversion will be pursuant to the specific International Provider’s regulations in effect. The rate selected by the International Provider is determined from (i) a range of rates available from wholesale currency markets for the applicable central processing date or (ii) government mandated rates in effect for the applicable central processing date. The International Provider may charge to the Bank, international service fees and currency conversion fees. Accordingly, the Bank may add a percentage mark-up to the exchange rate and/or apply a related international service fee to the Account, as may be determined by the Bank from time to time. The Bank will not assume any risk associated with foreign currency exchange gains or losses from currency conversion resulting from the Cardholder’s use of the Visa Debit card. The Bank also reserves the right to apply a fee to the Account, as may be determined by the Bank from time to time for each Visa Debit Card Transaction made outside of Trinidad and Tobago.
  26. Where the Cardholder maintains any other current, deposit or savings account with the Bank, whether solely or jointly, the Bank has the right at any time without notice to set off or transfer any sum outstanding to the credit of such other accounts in or towards satisfaction of the liabilities of the Cardholder under this Agreement (whether or not such other accounts are maintained in Trinidad and Tobago dollars or in any other currency. All Account charges may be changed at any time by the Bank in its sole discretion.
  27. The Cardholder acknowledges and agrees that the Bank reserves the right to prevent the Account and / or the Visa Debit card from being used for certain types of Visa Debit Card Transactions as determined by the Bank in its sole discretion.
  28. This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Trinidad and Tobago.
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