Compliant Cheques FAQs

A compliant cheque refers to any printed cheque that follows the Canadian Payments Association (CPA) standard 006 and is compatible with the TT Electronic Cheque Clearing System (ECCS).

CPA Standards and format required for cheques include the following:
  • Specific dimensions / measurements for cheque sizes, and placement of data fields to ensure accurate reading on the software.
  • Date format standardised to read as DD/MM/YYYY.
  • Cheque paper, which would change from ‘bond’ to ‘security grade’ paper (similar to Manager’s cheques).
  • Light pastel coloured ink will be required on background screening / images.
  • Date and amount fields should be within a blank white box.
  • Teller’s stamp box on the reverse of cheques.
  • Endorsement line on the reverse of cheques.
  • The MICR encoding area should be 5/8” and band remains clear of background screening.
  • Borders are not permitted within the 1.59cm (5/8") clear MICR band.

The implementation of the Electronic Cheque Clearing System (ECCS) will introduce automation within the cheque clearing processing. The current process of the manual exchange and settlement of physical cheques will be replaced with the electronic submission and settlement of truncated, imaged local TTD denominated cheques between Participant Banks in Trinidad and Tobago. This is an initiative supported by the Bankers Association of Trinidad and Tobago (BATT) and the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago (CBTT).

The manual and paper-based process is being automated to create a more efficient cheque clearing process. The real time electronic exchange of cheque images and related transactional data between all commercial Banks is more efficient, without the next-day requirement of a physical exchange of cheques. The processing of these transactions and corresponding credits or debits to personal and corporate customer accounts would be supported by an Electronic Funds Transfer solution.

Yes, it is mandatory as all commercial Banks will be required to electronically exchange cheque images with standardised cheques.

New orders for cheques can be done when your current cheque book is finished or before April 29, 2022 for Personal & Commercial customers and April 30, 2022 for Special Cheque customers. Therefore, existing cheques with the old format will still be accepted until these dates. If a new cheque book is requested within this time, you will receive the new cheque format.

a. Improved monitoring by Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago.
b. Enhanced fraud mitigation capabilities.
c. c More secure processing via the Electronic Cheque Clearing System and enhanced cheque security features.

Non-compliant cheques will be physically exchanged and will not be passed through the ECCS system. This manual process will operate for a short period after the launch of ECCS and will be subject to agreement by other banks to continue to accept non-compliant cheques.

The cost of bank issued Retail and Commercial cheques will remain the same (see fee listing below).

Regular Cheque Books:
2x25 - $29.00

Duplicate cheque Books:

Commercial Cheque Books:
2X50 - $43.00

** Printeries will advise special cheque customers if there is an increase in the cost of printing the revised special cheques.

This is an industry wide change mandated by Central Bank of Trinidad & Tobago. All customers who maintain non-compliant cheques must update their cheques.

Non-compliant cheques will be manually exchanged with other banks and eventually, will not be accepted by local Banks.

You can request new cheque books via the following:
a. via the cheque book requisition form in your existing cheque book. Simply, fill out this form and submit it to the nearest branch of Republic Bank to place the order.
b. via the Service Request menu on RepublicOnline.
c. by placing an order through Account Manager or Corporate Manager for Commercial cheques.

No. The bank will waive the charge for exchange and replacement of cheque books up to April 29th, 2022. Thereafter the normal fee will apply.

Yes. At the point of ordering your new cheque books, you can specify which branch you would like to collect the order.

Cheque books can only be collected at our branches.

Cheque books are usually received from the printers within 2-3 weeks. Once your order is received, the branch will contact you to collect.

No, the new cheque book would start from the next cheque range e.g.: if the last cheque used in the old cheque book was #268 the new cheque book will start from cheque #300.

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