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Digital Wallet

Contactless Payments are transactions that are made by tapping one of your electronic devices such as your phone, computer, tablet or any portable devices via radio-frequency identification (RFID) or biometrics to ensure maximum security. You might also have heard the term NFC, which stands for “Near Field Communication” and is powered through RFID.

Creating a Culture of Care

Within the service industry, no matter the field, the word ‘care’ has been utilised and promoted quite often; especially to define the way in which customers are to be treated by those providing a service.

The future of work

Being unemployed at a young age can have long-lasting, negative effects for the person as well as the economy. Young people with a history of unemployment will face fewer career advancement opportunities, lower wages, poorer prospects for better jobs and self enhancement, and ultimately lower pensions, thus exponentially lowering their quality of life.

Our Core Values Mean Something

Successful organizations often have a clear set of values. We are no exception. We aspire and try to better year-on-year. However, we must acknowledge that just talking about our values and putting them on our website is one thing.

The Strategic Value of Energy

The onset of Covid-19 created several challenges for society. While the majority of businesses adapted by reducing costs and conserving cash, we noticed an increase in demand for strategic renewable energy assets within the Caribbean.

Developing Leadership Emotional Literacy

In our last chat, we discussed how emotional wellbeing is just as important as its physical and mental counterparts, particularly as we commemorate (if we want to use that word) the one-year anniversary of the pandemic.


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