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The Journey of Ethical Leadership: Doing Our best to be Better Part 1

As leaders, we are tasked daily with making the right calls in successfully managing our businesses and guiding and inspiring our people. As human beings, we are also tasked daily with living authentic, purpose driven, and fulfilling lives.

Workaholism can be a real condition

The culture of excessive work is rife; in many cases, we are conditioned to view long hours and ongoing tiredness as indicators of success. The takeaway is that if you live and breathe work, the benefits will be thrilling and enormous.

People who subscribe to the pernicious ideology of the overwork culture think working 80-hour weeks and working from home after hours or on the weekends are wise decisions. However, it isn’t. As a matter fact, it’s unhealthy. Obsessive, ongoing overwork has detrimental effects on both employee health and the economic line of the company.

More than just a financial partner with SMEs

In most economies, particularly in developing nations, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are referred to as engines of growth. This is also true for the Caribbean region, as SMEs encourage innovation, create employment, as well as significantly contribute to economic growth and development.

How the Financial Sector Can Drive Economic Transformation in the Caribbean

For all its strengths and accomplishments, the Caribbean is largely made up of nations with narrow economic bases, with most economies dependent on tourism and a few others reliant on the export of commodities. This unfortunately makes the region vulnerable to external shocks, which depending on the nature, suppress tourism demand and/or international commodity prices.

Three Tips on How to be an Effective Mentor

Have you ever accomplished a goal you knew you couldn't have done on your own? Throughout my professional journey, I have observed that mentoring has always made sense for organizations of all sizes, whether it's to aid the transition of new team members, improve employee engagement and satisfaction, assist in knowledge transfer and many more.

Mentor Leadership: Leading the Way for the Future

I will be the first to admit. It may seem daunting, considering the many projects and plans already on our plates on a daily basis, to even consider extending our leadership responsibilities to include active mentorship. After all, who has the time and the energy to devote to actively mentoring one’s teams?


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