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Lights Out for the ECCU Economies?

We’ve come to the time of the year that’s best used for looking back and moving forward. In the spirit of new beginnings, I’d like to spend the next few weeks reflecting on the many changes the economies of the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union (ECCU) have experienced over the last year and where we may go from here.

Zooming-Into Christmas

Just a few weeks ago we lit clay deyas in homes across our country in celebration of the Hindu festival of Divali, emblems of light overcoming the darkness. Now, we are beginning to see light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, almost a year after the emergence of the Coronavirus. Our spirits have been lifted with the advent of eleven COVID-19 vaccines currently in Phase 3 of clinical trials, along with no less than thirty-seven more in the early phases.

Stay Financially Stable For The Holidays

In the US, Thanksgiving has come and gone. And all over the world, including Trinidad and Tobago, Black Friday sales extend to a week or more of deals. Internationally and locally, December spending can easily double normal monthly spend. If a family of four usually spends TT$1500 at the supermarket, at Christmas time, bills of $3000 and more would not be out of place.

Reducing the Number of Citizens Being Left Behind

Although incidences of poverty and inequality are greater in developing countries, they are undoubtedly global challenges and their eradication quite rightly, features among the United Nations’ (UN) 2030 sustainable development goals. As the world seeks to navigate these unprecedented times, a major concern is that the COVID-19 pandemic may substantially exacerbate inequality and poverty, both at the global and country levels.

Looking Back, Looking Ahead: Leadership Lessons for the New Year

In putting my thoughts together for this chat, I was reminded of that famous line from A Tale of Two Cities, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…”

How the Pandemic led to a Digital Banking Boom

Although digital banking offers greater convenience for customers, better rates and at times free overseas transactions, there has been a slow, steady progression by customers over the years, until the realities of the pandemic set-in and shelter-in-place policies became mandatory.


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