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The Marathon Runner

In 490 BC, the legend goes that a young Greek soldier was given the ominous task of running over 25 miles to deliver the message of the defeat of the Persians to a troop of anxious Athenians. According to the legend, Pheidippides ran the entire distance after fighting in the historic Battle of Marathon, burst into the Assembly announcing "Athens is saved", before collapsing on the floor and dying.

A Brave New Entrepreneur for A Brave New World

Let’s face it. 2018 was a big year for entrepreneurs all over the world.

Thriving in a World in Flux

In my previous post “A World in Flux” I indicated that the world and by extension Trinidad and Tobago are experiencing continuous change and there is need for all of us to develop mechanisms, not only to adapt, but to thrive in such an environment. The following are strategies which I believe can take us a long way toward achieving that goal.

Data and your financial security

Data and data analytics are reshaping countless industries and organisations and have already made a big impact on how financial institutions serve their customers, particularly when it comes to security.

The Four Cs – the Hallmarks of Success

I’ve met quite a few engaging, inspirational individuals at home and in the office and I have to say that the more I’ve gotten to hear them talk about life and success, the more I’ve realised that they have some innate similarities in their approach.

Going Digital - Part Four

Part 4: Looking back to move forward

Going through the process of revamping our website and launching our social media pages taught us a lot about the best practices and common mistakes businesses often encounter when undergoing a digital transformation.


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