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Embracing Diversity in the Workplace

The Republic Group currently operates in 8 countries from Suriname on the South American continent to Ghana on the African continent. As we grow towards becoming a more global organisation that is inclusive and reflective of the diversity in our society, we must ensure that we embrace the change in our professional landscape.

Traditional Media in the Digital Era

“Video killed the radio star... pictures came and broke your heart”

These lyrics from the 1979 hit song ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’, touched on popular fears that new media like video was making old media like radio obsolete.

Personalisation in Banking

When you sign into Amazon, you’re sure to come across Recommended for You product suggestions based on your browsing and purchasing history. Sign in to Netflix and you’ll find Because You Watched suggestions, based primarily on your viewing history.

Leading through change - where to focus and how to thrive

This blog captures some of the key learnings I’ve taken with me since joining Republic Bank Limited in 2009 as well as my thoughts as I step into a new role as General Manager, Corporate and Investment Banking for the Group.

Budget 2019/2020: An Opportunity to Address Disquiet and Tout Accomplishments

In the lead-up to this, the fifth budget presentation of the current administration, many expected the government to deliver a “goodies” laden fiscal package. Afterall, this is a government that will be facing a local government election in the next few months and a general election in 2020.

Leadership Blog: Tips for Strengthening Your Leadership Centre (Part 2)

In our last talk, we looked at a few ways of effectively building up your centre as a fundamental discipline of the modern leader. I raised the point of understanding our place in the larger scheme of things, regardless of our leadership level or style, and knowing that there are things that will always be outside of our control.


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