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Why Is Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DEI) The Topic of Conversation

The business case for DEI has been made. In today’s corporate world, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) is considered a key strategic business imperative.

A Nation’s Birth: Independence Day Lessons of Yesteryear for Today

With the close of Trinidad and Tobago’s 60th Anniversary of Independence celebrations, and the end of the festivities, comes a time, I truly believe, when many of us could derive great value in reflecting on what it truly means to be independent.

More Pain Expected Despite Encouraging Developments

As 2021 progressed and more countries moved to open their economies, it became increasingly apparent that the dislocations caused by the COVID-19 pandemic would linger for much longer than initially expected. Despite growing demand, global economic activity was impeded by supply shortages and bottlenecks, logistical challenges at ports, inadequate labour, rapidly increasing shipping costs and rising energy prices, to name a few.

The Journey of Ethical Leadership Part 2 – Staying the Course

In our previous blog talk we looked at what defines ethical leadership and what resides at the core of an ethical leader. We looked at critical values such as fairness, transparency, integrity, and communication, just to name a few, and how integral they are in promoting healthy habits within our organisations.

Collaborative Leadership

In the past, high-level executives made decisions that trickled down to staff without providing any insight into how or why those decisions were made. Leaders operated in silos, focusing primarily on the duties directly related to their areas of responsibility.

The Journey of Ethical Leadership: Doing Our best to be Better Part 1

As leaders, we are tasked daily with making the right calls in successfully managing our businesses and guiding and inspiring our people. As human beings, we are also tasked daily with living authentic, purpose driven, and fulfilling lives.


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