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Entry Strategies for Guyana's Oil and Gas Sector

Guyana’s recent discovery of significant crude oil reserves has it poised to become the Caribbean’s newest oil producing country in the near future. The find promises to open up exciting opportunities for Guyana’s growth and development.

Seeking Development

Given our country’s specific structural weaknesses, particularly our dependence on one sector for growth and our penchant for mismanaging key resources, plans to chart a new course for our nation are continually deliberated. The dialogue generally centres on the challenging, yet necessary goals we have set for our nation, but which unfortunately have proven to be very elusive.

Courageous Leadership

I was hesitant to further add my voice to what is becoming an increasingly widening field of articles, opinions, and experiences about Leadership in the 21st Century – ideas that, while continuing to holding a significant amount of value for up-and-coming and inveterate leaders, tend to be more or less critical reiterations of the same point. The ultimate price of poor leadership is too exorbitant i.e. financially, professionally, and personally.

Strengthening Your Leadership Sixth Sense…of Urgency

If you had to shortlist the attributes that the most successful sports teams, individuals, and franchises have in common – attributes that have lead to their achievements – where would you start?


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