Achieving Your Own Vision of Success

Success looks and feels differently to people. In the words of career strategist and leadership coach, Tamara S. Raymond, “Success doesn’t have to look like everyone else’s brand of success, as long as you are fulfilled and can make a contribution to others”. It can be anything that you want to achieve, be it furthering your education, purchasing that dream house, starting a business or a community group, creating and maintaining a positive family life or traveling across the world - your definition of success is a reflection of your own unique traits and outlook.

Although I am immensely proud to be the first woman Group Vice President of Republic Financial Holdings Limited, my personal definition of success is much more multifaceted, comprising of a mix of aspirations vis a vis my family, my career, physical and spiritual well-being and continuous self development.

Regardless of how you define success, there are certain principles we all should abide by in striving to achieve it. Based on my own experience and observing the experiences of others, below is a list of key principles to consider to realize the success you desire and deserve.

1. Have a Vision for yourself and Develop a Plan
To reach the destination called success, you must have a plan to accomplish your aspirations. Be detailed about each of your goals and write them down. At the beginning of every year, I write down my goals to help me to stay focused and I refer to them often to ensure I remain on track. Having specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound (S.M.A.R.T.) goals can help provide direction, motivation and traction.

As success looks different to everyone, the key is to create your own vision board. Never underestimate the power of writing down what you want. It allows for clarity on your goals, priorities and intentions. It is also important to break down larger goals into smaller, more manageable steps.

2. Work Hard
Success is not something that can be achieved overnight. It requires dedication, discipline and hard work. In my experience, no amount of talent surpasses diligence. To be frank, if you don’t put in the hours, you won’t reach your goals.

Be sure to put your best foot forward in whatever you are doing, no matter how big or small the task is. Whatever the task is, do it immediately. Motivational speaker, Mel Robbins in her best-selling book ‘5 Second Rule’ says “do it before you discourage yourself!” Intuitively we know what we have to do, but there is a 5 second window that you just need to move before you talk yourself out of it. In 5…4…3…2…1, do it!

3. Maintain a Positive Mindset
Another key factor in achieving success is to develop a positive mindset. This means focusing on the possibilities and opportunities instead of dwelling on the obstacles and challenges. It also means being open to learning and growth and embracing change as an opportunity for improvement. Positive people have more energy and are more self-confident and hopeful. Because of this they tend to set higher goals and expend more effort in order to reach their goals. They are also more resilient, which helps them bounce back and persevere despite setbacks. Dream it, plan it, do it. In the words of American artist and author, Florence Scovel Shinn, if you love what you do, know what you want and do more, “there is a supply for every demand.”

4. Be Persistent
Be passionate, energetic and driven. Try to stay positive in everything that you do, and never stop working until you reach your goal. Know that life is not a race, what you do is firstly for you, you can start late, look different, be uncertain and still succeed.

Many people will see the results of your story, but few will witness the arduous effort and sacrifices that were demanded. It takes persistence, encouragement and support to make the daily sacrifices that discipline requires and to learn from setbacks along the way to meet your goals. It is natural to fall, and courageous to get back up. You must turn to your support group, those that cheer you on when you need them.

5. Value Your Relationships
Speak to anyone who has achieved their own personal brand of success, they will tell you that they did not do it alone. They had support along the way. I was fortunate to have the encouragement of family and friends, the mentorship of managers who challenged me professionally so that I would improve and a network of peers who provided valuable advice. They encouraged and coached me to do more. Building relationships and networking are important components of success. Surrounding yourself with supportive individuals can provide encouragement, feedback and opportunities for collaboration and growth.

6. Celebrate the Milestones
Finally, it is important to celebrate successes along the way. Recognizing and acknowledging accomplishments, no matter how small, can provide motivation and confidence to continue working towards larger goals. Stay focused and balanced, too much of any one thing will unbalance your life scale.

Success is a journey that requires vision, planning, hard work, dedication and discipline. Setting clear goals, developing a positive mindset, building relationships and celebrating successes are all important components of achieving your aspirations. Though it is sometimes difficult, remember to enjoy the journey of learning along the way. And if you are farther along the path, share what you’ve learnt to help others chart their own course, just as someone would have once helped you. Success is a destination with boundless capacity.

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