123 - Power To Make The Right Start – A Partnership Between Repubic Bank Limited And Pennacool.com

February 1, 2021, Port of Spain – As the global pandemic continues to significantly increase the demand for online educational content, Republic Bank has strengthened its ongoing partnership with local online learning platform pennacool.com unveiling, ‘123 -Power to Make the Right Start’. The new programme is aimed at facilitating the expansion of the website’s content to provide learning resources for Standards 1-3 in Mathematics and English.

Republic Bank’s R-VES Programme (Republic – Virtual Education in Schools), with particular focus on fostering youth empowerment through education, outlines our commitment to dealing with the impact of COVID-19 on the nation’s education system and helps to ensure that no child is left behind. Now, more than ever, we are tasked with the responsibility of being our brother’s keeper and making even greater efforts to keep the fabric of our society firmly stitched together as we stay true to our focus of building successful societies. It is hoped that our donation of devices (laptops and tablets) to schools across T & T will allow students who have been facing challenges with online learning to have improved access to their virtual classrooms.

The shift from the classroom to e-learning has been challenging for many families and Republic Bank’s R-VES Programme proudly supports these initiatives by Pennacool.com as we contribute to improve inclusive and equitable quality education for children and young people throughout T&T.

February 5, 2021
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