Dominican Students Benefit From Monetary Assistance

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Port of Spain, Trinidad, October 23 2017: Like her fellow nationals, Nelsha Shillingford, a Dominican student studying at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, expressed her gratitude for the monetary assistance she received last week (October 19) from Republic Bank, as she witnessed the devastation done to her homeland by Hurricane Maria last month. Shillingford, was among the 54 students who received Gift Cards from Republic Bank, UWI, to assist them financially after their loss.

“I was back home when the hurricane took place. I lost 90% of my belongings, so this assistance will help a great deal as I get back on my feet, “said a smiling Shillingford, who is in her 2nd year of Post Graduate studies in Agri-Science. Shillingford was speaking during a presentation ceremony held at the Bank’s, UWI Branch.

Due to widespread devastation, the families of Dominican students who reside here, in Trinidad, are in no position to send money or essential items for them. Basic food items, toiletries and other necessary supplies, has been delivered to the Dominica Association of Students in Trinidad and Tobago (DOMSATT) offices, to be distributed to the students studying at the Hugh Wooding Law School, the University of the West Indies, UTT and University of The Southern Caribbean ( USC).

Speaking after the distribution ceremony, Republic Bank’s Manager, Portfolio Management Office, Shakira Cedeno said, the Bank acknowledges the situation with the students and were pleased to lend to its assistance.

“We know it’s a very difficult time for the Dominican students studying at the various tertiary educational institutions throughout Trinidad, and we are extremely happy to assist them with some of their financial needs, whilst their families go through the recovery process and get back on their feet after Hurricane Maria,” Cedeno said.

Daryl James, President of Dominican Student Association of Trinidad and Tobago (DOMSATT) said the aid was unexpected and thanked the Bank for its support during their time of need. “This was really unexpected. We are very, very happy for this gesture. Every student has different needs at the moment, so I know that they too will make good use of this assistance,” he said. Dianna Figaro, who is currently studying Nursing at USC, also echoed the same sentiments.

Republic Bank was pleased to assist the students during this time of need, and wishes them all the best as they get back on their feet again.

Caption:We are very grateful: Some of the Dominican students studying at tertiary institutions throughout Trinidad, interact with Republic Bank’s Branch Sales Manager, Latisha De Gannes, after the distribution ceremony held at the UWI Branch, St. Augustine last Thursday.

Financial Assistance:Branch Sales Manager, UWI, Latisha De Gannes, presents Dominican student Nelsha Shillingford, with a Gift Card at a presentation ceremony held last Thursday at the Bank’s UWI Branch. Shillingford who is studying at UWI, were among 54 students who received financial assistance from Republic Bank Limited, to assist them in the wake of Hurricane Maria. Looking on is Republic Bank’s Manager, Portfolio Management Office, Shakira Cedeno.

October 24, 2017
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