Kidney Transplant Patients Celebrated

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Port-of-Spain, Trinidad: February 29, 2016 -“From yuh wake up this morning, yuh is a winner”. The words from the 2016 Soca Monarch winning song, “Cheers for Life”, by soca sensation, Voice, could not have been truer, as 10 successful kidney transplant patients were celebrated on February 25.

The children who ranged from ages 14-19, were presented with entertainment packages from Republic Bank’s Group Corporate Communications Manger, Tisha Lee. The simple ceremony was held at the National Organ Transplant Unit located at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex, Champ Fleurs. Some parents were also on hand to share in the joy of their young ones. Last week marked the celebration of 150 surgeries successfully performed by the National Organ Transplant Unit of Trinidad and Tobago.

Head Surgeon, from Transplant Links Community, Mr. Andrew Ready, said it was amazing to see the drastic turnaround of the children, having received kidney transplant surgeries. “One moment they were at hospital on dialysis treatment, then next they were happy and jolly walking around good as new,” Mr. Ready said.

He commended the Bank on the programme, saying that the team was grateful for the ongoing support that the organization has provided for the past seven years. “Monetary support is one thing, but the efforts undertaken by the Bank are beyond words,” he added. Through the support of Republic Bank (Barbados), Dr. Jennie Jewitt-Harris, CEO of Transplant Links Community and Dr. David Milford, Paedeatric Nephrologist, journeyed to Barbados on February 26 to identify patients for future surgeries, all with the support from Republic Bank Limited. As a Group, Republic Bank is determined to make a positive difference in the lives of its citizens regionally and internationally.

The Bank’s Social Investment Officer, Nadia Williams, said it was a feeling of joy and satisfaction that these children finally received a new lease on life. “It’s amazing to see the transformations from when they were first diagnosed. They are smiling, walking around and enjoying life. This investment is very dear to us at Republic Bank, as every life matters, no matter age, creed, race, status. Each child deserves the right to quality health care. This is how we build successful societies.” Williams said.

March 1, 2016
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