Republic Bank sponsored 2Cents Movement School Tour creates a stir

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On Wednesday 5 April, the 2 Cents Movement rolled into Rosary Boys RC School in Port of Spain to present their 2017 financial literacy showcase to students of standards Three, Four and Five, as part of their Republic Bank Primary School Inspire Tour, now in its second year. The tour, aimed at inspiring students through creative education, uses spoken word poetry and drama to highlight this year's theme of financial responsibility. The hour long showcase goes further, however, to address broader current issues of gender based violence (GBV) and bullying, and stresses the need to nurture good habits and a sense of social responsibility as a child. Captivated by the engaging, humorous and imaginative style of performance artists Derron Sandy and Idrees Saleem playing Pap and Pip, respectively, the boys were visibly receptive to their positive messages, including the importance of respect for others and oneself.

The characters Pap (a homeless person) and Pip (a successful businessman) were childhood friends who, upon meeting serendipitously for the first time since leaving primary school, reflect on their friendship and their different life choices. In the end, they part ways, each having learnt a valuable lesson from the other. Almost as a reward for their attention and keen participation, students received Republic Bank Right Start gift vouchers and copy books at the end of the presentation. The 2017 edition of the Inspire Tour has visited 28 primary schools in Trinidad; it is expected to continue in Tobago in the next school term.

April 10, 2017
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