Rome Encourages Youth Linkers to Write Their Own Stories

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Port of Spain, Trinidad, October 24, 2019: “This is your story. You have the pen in your hands. This is your notebook, and whatever you put in it depends all on you. Not on your parents. Not on the bosses you may have, but it’s all up to you.” These were the words of entertainer, Jerome “Rome” Precilla as he shared a motivational address, at the 34th Republic Bank Youth Link Apprenticeship Programme Launch, at the Bank’s Head Office, on October 23.

The actor, entertainer, businessman and mechanical engineer has certified his place as a quadruple threat locally and internationally, a point he drove home by encouraging the Youth Linkers to take a leap of faith as he did when he transitioned from the field of engineering to entertainment.

Also sharing remarks at the event was the Bank’s Group Human Resources General Manager, Anna-María García-Brooks. García-Brooks who has been actively involved in shaping the programme into what it is today, shared her personal experiences about her transition from secondary school. “I remember thinking to myself ‘what happens next?’ If I am not Anna-Maria the school prefect or Anna-María the football captain then who am I.” García-Brooks challenged the Youth Linkers to reboot and employ the CTRL+ALT+DELETE method by controlling themselves and enjoying life’s journey, altering their attitudes and deleting the clutter by eliminating the negative elements in their lives.

The Bank’s Managing Director, Nigel Baptiste referenced García-Brooks’ remarks and jokingly implied that he “rebooted” his planned remarks to share insightful, comical anecdotes about his personal journey with work and school, which was well received by the Youth Linkers who seemed surprised by Baptiste’s candor.

For the next seven months, the youth link apprentices will undergo a number of sessions to develop their life and entrepreneurial skills, etiquette and protocol. They will also be attached to various units and branches within the Bank’s network to experience the world of work.

October 24, 2019
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