St. Rose's Girls Get New Library Books

“New Term, New Books: Smiling students of St. Rose’s Girls’ R.C. School display their new books in the library of their school on Charlotte Street, Port of Spain. They are flanked by their Principal, Ms. Le Blanc (2nd from left), and (from left) Republic Bank’s Rehanna Ramroop, Simone Chang-Fraser and Laila Kalipersad. The staff, from the Bank’s Head Office, distributed books to the students for their school’s library, earlier this month, in commemoration of this year’s International Literacy Day. The donation of books is the first part of the Bank’s efforts to upgrade the School’s library. Twelve other schools throughout Trinidad and Tobago will also receive literacy grants, valued at $5,000 each, from the Bank. Republic Bank, through its Power to Make a Difference programme, has placed a deeper focus on improving literacy levels throughout the Nation, having recognized the importance of literacy to national development. Through efforts like these and those on a broader scale, the Bank continues to contribute to building a stronger, better equipped society.”

October 21, 2014
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