Third Win For RBL's Curlissa Charles

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Port-of-Spain: February 13, 2017: Republic Bank’s staff member Curlissa Charles, took the Calypso Ruction crown for a third time, after receiving the judges nod, last Friday ( February 10) at the Bank’s annual staff calypso competition held at the Staff Sports Club in Baratara, with her own rendition, “All ah we is one family”

Going by the sobriquet, “Soca Lissa”, Charles from the High Street Branch, won the challenge trophy and first prize of $7,500 along with the prize for Best Banking Tune. Her song spoke of the unity and togetherness that exists within the Republic Bank family, despite which branch one was attached too. Second place winner, Joycelyn “Vanna Black” Le Maitre, from the Bank’s Electronic Channel and Payment Division, took to the stage in an all black outfit accompanied by dancers, and delivered an energetic performance entitled , “Side Ting”, which earned her both the Road March and Rookie Award- an excellent feat for a first-time performer. Nikeisha Hamilton, whose song entitled, “Brutality”, earned her both third place and Best Social Commentary. The latin dancer enthusiast, from the Promenade Centre Branch, created a patriotic scene in her Red, White and Black outfit. The People’s Choice went to first time entrants, Jaleel Frank, Darren Ramcharitar and Tyron Carter, who went by the name, “Frankie & Balkie- FB Live”. The trio are attached to San Juan Services Centre. Most Humorous was awarded to Valpark staff member Guion “GTA” Alexis, who had the audience in stitches with his excellent wining skills.

The competition was judged by Glenda Collens, Dr, Patricia Dardaine Ragguet and Orange Sky’s Nigel Rojas. The staff calypso competition which has been the bank’s main stay for the past 25 years, gives staff an opportunity to display their singing and performing abilities during the carnival season.

Emcee Errol Fabien hosted the competition while Roy Cape All Stars accompanied all 16 competitors. There were also performances from Blaxx, Ricardo Drue, Tizzy, Tedson John, joint Chutney Soca Monarch Omadath Maraj and Asten Issac. House Dj and banker Alicia “Dutchess” Awai kept partygoers jumping and waving until the curtains came down at 1am.

Republic Bank congratulates all the contestants on their success at the competition and wishes them all the best in their musical pursuits.

February 13, 2017
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