Brands are only as powerful as the humans behind them

The act of designing the brand image so that it occupies a distinct and valued place in the target customer’s mind… [and heart] … Kevin Keller

Genuine value in the hearts of our customers is the purpose behind the repositioning of our brand identity. In humanizing our brand, we hope to change the perception that Republic Bank is old fashioned, cold and aloof to one of that shows we are a modern, down to earth caring institution that caters to our customer needs.

With this change we hope:
  • To forge stronger connections and build closer relationships with our existing and potential customers by showing them we are just like they are – regular folks who happen to be bankers.
  • To show all customers because we understand who they are, we are their best banking choice.

Over the last year, our customers have faced a lot of challenges personally and professionally because of COVID-19, and while our priority is to be there for them financially, it just as important to be the friendly face they seek out to share a light moment. With the hustle and bustle of life in the quest for getting the job done, we often take for granted for the importance human connection. So yes, we want to hear about how the children are doing in homeschool, about the new grandbabies, about Bella the dog antics, and what new recipe they have whipped up and want to bring for us to sample. In sharing these small moments with our customers, they get to see the real us and we get to see them.

Our tagline “We’re the One for you” will take on a new meaning in all that we do in person and digitally both for our established customer base as well as the next generation of potential customers.

  • By staying resilient in the face of challenges as they arise,
  • By remaining relevant through the positive transformation of our customers’ lives and their businesses via customer-focused digital solutions and
  • By being responsible in the way we conduct business.

The Republic Bank Group takes the role of being a responsible corporate citizen very seriously. Last year we became a signatory of the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative, Principles of Responsible Banking (PBR). The PBR are a unique framework of six principles for ensuring that banks strategies and practices align with the UNs Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Climate Agreement. We hope that by using the Principles of Responsible Banking as a guide we can make a positive difference in the lives of our customers’ lives and the territories in which we operate.

So why should all brands look at humanizing who they are? Because in recognizing the need for a greater connection with their customers, they can grow in ways they may have never imagined at all.

After all, brands are only as powerful as the humans behind them.

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