The Four Cs – the Hallmarks of Success

I’ve met quite a few engaging, inspirational individuals at home and in the office and I have to say that the more I’ve gotten to hear them talk about life and success, the more I’ve realised that they have some innate similarities in their approach.

These are just some key points that may inspire those university graduates about to embark on a new career path or transition into a different one. The Hallmarks of Success basically come down to four key items: collaboration, commitment communication and courage.

The most effective deal makers have been those who have the ability to collaborate by listening and being empathetic to the causes of others and then developing a protocol for working with those across the aisle. Many of you have had to work in teams during secondary school and while at university, but the working world is more diverse, audacious and less forgiving, and the results more far reaching than the classroom. So, you in turn have to be more attentive, creative and collaborative. Here we must have synergy, synchronisation and harmony. Don’t be intimidated. Workplace collaborations foster a vibrant learning environment that encourages and promotes growth.

Similarly, commitment is a singular achievement for your generation of twenty-something year old CEOs and teen titans of social media – commitment is more than a promise, it is having the discipline to discard mediocrity and look towards excellence. This is why enjoying what you choose to do in life is so important, then you will have the passion to continue learning, gaining insight and expanding your horizons. But you must be willing to stand up to the challenges you face by holding true to your integrity and protecting your reputation.

The third ‘c’ is communication. This is at the heart of every relationship, every human interaction and every organization. At Republic, we pride ourselves on our commitment to open, honest, timely communication with our stakeholders: including our staff, customers and shareholders. To communicate effectively, you need to be engaged and listen, as well as be able to respond effectively. The more you really look at the world – read novels, history books, the newspapers, practise speaking proper grammar, introduce new words into your vocabulary weekly, play different types of music, learn a new language, look at a foreign film – the more you will become a more effective, engaged communicator and along the way, perhaps also learn about life through the eyes of others.

Lastly, I encourage you to be courageous – this is not easy in these times of global polarisation. But as young professionals you will be faced with myriad choices on a daily basis and you may not want to take the road less travelled, you may look to the easy, quick path. But the courage to do what is right, in spite of the backlash, to cut toxicity from your lives, be it in the form of negative behaviors, friendships, or even family members – will serve you well.

Just a few daily tips I’d also like to share for those bridging the gap from study to the working world:

  1. Effective Time Management – After graduating from university many of us realise that there is a major shift in scheduling that’s quite profound and may snowball if ignored. Entering the job market means a change in working hours, those midnight study sessions are no more. Instead there’s the 8-4 or 9-5 day, that you have to manage time not just to complete projects and programmes, but also to find time for yourself and your family. Finding time for paying bills, cooking, cleaning, even relaxing with friends and family – it’s a challenge. Taking the time to plan your day and your week is truly essential.
  2. Balance – Essential Health and Wellness are also key because if you’re ill or stressed you won’t be able to focus, much less lead. So managing your health and exercise is key to your continued success. Many offices now offer aerobic, yoga and even meditation sessions and others have gyms or hiking or biking groups. At Republic Bank we encourage our staff to join our Sports Club and our sports days are always pure fun and adrenalin packed.
  3. Planning Ahead – I’d also advise you to budget for the real world and the emergencies that may need financing along the way; our website has many tips for this. Lastly, find a mentor, someone you respect to give you honest, unbiased feedback and who will encourage you to go after your dreams. For my colleagues, my door is open, come in and sit and chat, so that we can share our experiences and discuss the way forward.

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