Holistic Health in a World with COVID-19

As we near our one-year ‘covid-versary’, I’m sure many of you have successfully assimilated into your new routines – life with COVID-19. By now you know exactly how much prep time is required for you to slip out of your pyjamas, fix your hair and still log into the Zoom meeting on time. You’ve created and stuck to working schedules for you and your entire family; online school, working-from-home and all other extra-curricular activities mastered to a science.

For many others though, this utopia is definitely not the case – even one year into the pandemic. Some of you may still be struggling with the realities of working-from-home, still fighting to juggle home-schooling and your work rotations, still toeing the very fine line between sanity and insanity. And that’s okay. We’re all going at our own pace.

It’s been a long twelve months of living with COVID-19. From the initial fear and anxiety to the drastic adjustments that needed to be made for our safety; we’ve been through it all. As such I thought it best to share some simple tips and reminders for those of you who are yet to get the hang of this new reality. The pandemic may have been caused by a rogue physical pathogen; however it certainly impacted all other facets of our lives – the social, mental, and spiritual. So, to truly combat the negative effects of living in a world with COVID-19 we must use a holistic approach.

While the pandemic has put a damper on some outdoor activities, all is not lost. As we slowly get back to some state of ‘normalcy’, it is important to get back into your old exercise routine (if you had one) or start a new one (it’s not too late). Taking a 30 minute walk outside, of course while wearing a breathable face mask, can do wonders for improving your mood and general well-being. A well balanced diet along with seven to eight hours of sleep each night can also help in this department.

During the past year, COVID-19 has kept us and continues to keep us socially distant. While this may be an ideal situation for some, for others the restrictions around social gatherings have been taking a toll on their mental health. If you fall into this category, there’s no better time than the present to make small adjustments to your routine to help boost your mental health. You can start by creating and maintaining a daily routine that works best for you. Also, make great use of the technology around us to stay connected with family members and friends who may not be in the country. And finally, you can always lean on your faith and personal belief system for support.

As the uncertainty of life with the COVID-19 virus prevails, it remains apparent that our lives have been significantly changed forever. This invisible, unforeseen enemy, while it may have brought with it major challenges, also brought along with it opportunities. Let’s embrace these opportunities as we continue to exist in this new reality. Let’s embrace holistic health; nurturing mind, body and spirit. Doing this will certainly ensure that our overall quality of life improves; not only our personal life, but even our work life as well. Just think of the ripple effects this can have on our nation.

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