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It’s So Easy: the benefits of Digital Banking

Recently, I’ve enjoyed chatting with friends and family who wanted advice about the benefits of digital banking products, not only for paying bills, but also to advance their small businesses. Over the past few months many of us have had to shelter-in-place and not only work from home to ensure we mitigate the spread of COVID-19, but also shop for groceries, pay bills and loans. In these challenging times, when so many of us are riddled with anxiety and fear on some days and gratitude on others, we have had to enter new territory, so rest assured that financial institutions across the globe understand the importance of providing safe, secure, convenient personal and commercial e-banking solutions to customers, now more than ever.

There are key options for all our customers at Republic Bank Online, but sometimes hearing a friendly voice walk you through the next steps is preferred. And so, I decided to take this opportunity to share some of my friendly advice with you all. One of the most popular and efficient additions that made life during the coronavirus much easier was EPay. The beauty of this product is that, for instance, you can buy facemasks from a local producer without cash, this digital transaction ensures that there is a real-time payment without any face-to-face contact. Similarly, EPay has enabled small and medium business entrepreneurs, many without websites, to move into digital options of payment for customers. The process can be up and running in less than four days, with quick, convenient, secure merchant status and advanced transaction monitoring. As a result, many SMEs have capitalised on EPay during the past few months and found it worthy of its name, truly an easy, dependable, affordable option.

EPay corporate benefits include:
  • Ability to receive online credit card payments even without having a website
  • A simplified on-boarding process, with complete setup in as little as four (4) working days
  • A digital platform suitable for ALL business sizes
  • Affordable tiered packages with low monthly payments
  • Convenient online payments, which reduces person to person contact
Republic EPAY also provides:
  • Fraud management services with 3D Secure merchant status and advanced transaction monitoring
  • Dedicated Service Representative for reconciliation and technical assistance
  • On the ground training on: e-commerce risks, best practices, fraud management and reconciliation
  • Customised reporting
  • Chargeback management to contain potential administrative/fraud related losses
  • Reimbursement for all payments within 48hrs
  • Integration of Republic EPAY processing platform with your existing or proposed website
With this service, you can accept payments made using the following:
  • Any Visa/MasterCard branded Credit Card
  • International Visa Debit Card (formerly Linx) – currently supported by certain Banks’ cards.

If you’d like to learn more, there are several informative webinars that can explain these commercial options and provide step-by-step processes to have your business ready for this new normal, which many experts have stated may last not just for months but possibly years. Why not fast-track your business to new heights? Check out our webinars if you’re interested:

Although for the past decade financial institutions have been focussed on ensuring that the security and convenience of online transactions are top priority, and many millennials have embraced the change, for others preferring the more traditional route, it may seem overwhelming. This is understandable. However, these are opportunities that have come in the midst of a tumultuous time and you need to embrace them. I have found that reading and speaking to family, friends, and banking representatives can clarify many queries and fears. So, I look forward to sharing some more insight into digital options including business credit cards, point of sale transactions, Linx and other cashless transactions, so stay tuned.

Keep reading and sending me your questions so we can move forward together and embrace this new normal to keep ahead of the curve in business and banking.

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