Management Team


Administration Manager

Wendy Anne Bosse, BSc (Mgmt. Studies) (Hons.), AICB

Assistant Manager, Administration

Peter Anthony

Branch Support Services


Valini Rajballie, ACIB

Business Systems & Process Improvement

Manager, Group Business Systems & Process Improvement

Antonia Dickson-Frederick, Dip. (Bkg.), BSc (Accounting)

Manager, Business Systems & Process Improvement

Eric Hopkins II, BSc (Ops. Research and Financial Eng.), MBA

Manager, Group Projects

Serafin Gonsalves, BSc (Business Management)

Centralised Credit Unit

Credit Manager

Grace Wei, Dip. (Business Mgmt.), ACIB, BSc (Financial Mgmt.)

Commercial and Retail Banking

Regional Sales Manager (North)

Suresh Supersad, Dip. (Business Mgmt.)

Regional Sales Manager (East/Central/Tobago)

Annette Wattie, Dip. (Business Mgmt), ACIB

Regional Sales Manager (South)

Farook Hosein

Manager, Customer Care and Support Centre

Gabrielle Dindayal

Corporate Operations and Process Improvement

Senior Manager, Corporate Operations & Process Improvement

Michael Walcott, BA (Accounting)

Manager, Regional Operations

Amar Ramlogan,BSc (Econ.), MSc (Econ.), MBA

Economic Intelligence Unit


Garvin Joefield, BSc (Econ and Management Studies) (Hons), MBA

Group Marketing & Communications

Manager, Group Corporate Communications

Tisha Lee, B. Comm. (Marketing)

Manager, Market Intelligence and Segments

Shazard Mohammed, BSc (Econ.) (Hons), PGD Marketing

Marketing Manager, Product Development, Deposits & Investments

Karen Mc Sween, BSc (Bkg. & Finance), Dip. (Financial Mgmt.)

Marketing Manager, Product Management

Nadine Riley, BSc (Banking & Finance) (Hons.)

Marketing Manager, Product Management

Damien Cooper , BSc. (Business Admin.), CIM, Cert. (Strategic Brand management)

Head Office

Senior Manager

Kimberly Erriah, LLB (Hons.), LEC, MBA

Senior Manager, Compliance

Janelle Bernard, LLB (Hons.), LEC, EMBA


Omarwatee Lackhan, FCCA, CA


Charlotte Sahadeo-Bellemare, Dip. (Marketing), Dip. (Bkg.), Dip. (Business Mgmt.), BA (French & Spanish)


Ethelbert Paul, B.Comm. (Finance)

Assistant Manager

Suelan De Sormeaux, B.Sc. Management, M.Sc. Management

Human Resources

Senior Manager, Group Employee & Industrial Relations

Preston George, BSc (Sociology), LLB, EMBA

Senior Manager, Group Human Resources

Andre St. Clair, BSc (Mgmt. Studies), MSc (Labour and Emp. Relations), FCCA/ACCA

Senior Manager, Human Resources, Projects

Corrine Brown, BSc (General), MBA

Industrial Relations Manager

Giselle Estrada, MBA

Manager, Compensation & Benefits

Camille Moseley-Joefield, BSc (Mgmt.), CIM, IBAF, MBA

Assistant Manager, Compensation & Benefits

Gillian Arneaud

Manager, HRIS

Addison Wayne Mitchell, , BSc (Computer Science and Mgmt.), HND (Computer Studies)

Manager, Manpower Planning (On Assignment)

Jonelle Salina, Dip. (Financial Mgmt.), BSc (Mgmt. with Psychology), MBA

Assistant Manager, Employee & Industrial Relations

Somers Julien, BSc (Gov’t & HR), MSc (Human Resources)

Manager, Learning & Talent Development

Anneleise Thomas-Andrews, Dip. (Financial Mgmt.), BSc (Sociology with HR Mgmt.)

Internal Audit

Senior Manager, Internal Audit

Amral Khan, BSc (Mgmt. Studies) (Hons.), MBA

Manager, Group Audits

Marsha Ollivierre , (ACCA), (CIA), (CRMA)

Manager, IT Audits

Joyce Ramkumar, BSc (Information Systems), ADMIS

Manager, Professional Practices

Farina Karim-Ragbir, Dip. (Business Mgmt.)

Manager, Internal Audit

Elizabeth Deen, Dip. (Banking), Cert. Accounting (Tech A)

Manager, Finance Audits

Naseem Ali-Lopez, FCCA

Acting Manager

Earl Pierre, Adv. Dip (Computer Science), Dip (Info. Sys.)

Legal Services & Centralised Securities Unit

Senior Manager, Legal Services

Kimberly Erriah

Manager, Legal Services/Centralised Securities Unit

Janelle Bernard, LLB (Hons.), LEC, EMBA

Manager, Legal Services

Ayanna Mc Gowan, LLB (Hons.), LEC

Manager, Legal Services

Joel Chadha, PgDip. (Law), BA (Business Finance), MBA

Manager, Legal Services (Compliance)

Andrea De Matas, LLB, LEC

Loan Delivery Centre


Chandra Ghuran, Dip. (Bkg.), Dip. (Business Mgmt.), MBA


Wilma Williams, Dip. (Marketing), Dip. (Bkg.), ALLC

Assistant Manager

Gregory Jones

Operational Risk

Manager, Business Continuity

Joelle Bannatyne, BSc (Mgmt. Studies)

Manager, Corporate Security

Terrence A.M. Butcher, Dip. (CFAFD)

Assistant Manager, Corporate Security

Sherwin Forte, Dip. (Caribbean Forensics & Fin. Fraud Inst.), Arts Foundation Degree

Manager, IT Security

Adesh Rampat, BSc (Electronic Eng.), Pg.D. (MIS)

Manager, IT Security

Brian Keshwah, BSc (Computing)

Planning & Financial Control

Senior Manager

Marsha McLeod-Marshall, FCCA, MSc (Int’l Finance)

Manager, Finance - Bank

Sursatee (Vashti) Boodram, FCCA

Manager, Finance - Group

Joy Inniss, FCCA

Manager, Business Performance Management

Lana Ramroop, BSc (Electrical & Computer Eng.)

Manager, Strategic Initiatives

Catherine Shepherd, MSc (Library Sc), BA (Sociology & History)

Assistant Manager

Nyron Mahadeo, ACCA

Portfolio Management

Project Manager

Nathasha Shakira Smith-Cedeno, BSc (Computer Sc. Mgmt.)


Senior Manager

Mark Bishop, Dip. (Business Mgmt.), BSc (Civil Eng.), BSc (Hydraulic Eng.)

Project Manager

Valerie Kelsick, BSc (Civil Eng.), MBA (Finance & Int. Business), MAPETT (Reg. Eng.)

Assistant Manager

Marvin Sinanan, BSc (Civil Eng.)

Risk Management

Senior Manager

Dennis Kurbanali, ACIB, MBA


Helen Gonsalves

Credit Manager

Kalawatee Bickramsingh, Dip. (Financial Mgmt.), ACCA, MBA CMA,CA, AICB (Hons.)

Managers on Secondment & Special Projects

General Manager, Retail Banking
Republic Bank (Barbados) Limited

Susan Torry, Dip. (Business Mgmt.), BSc (Industrial Studies) (Hons.), ACIB, LLB

Corporate Controller
Republic Bank (Barbados) Limited

Hamant Lalla, FCCA, MBA (Finance)

Banking Manager
Republic Bank (Cayman) Limited

Shantie Ramoutar, ACIB, MBA

General Manager, Corporate Credit
Republic Bank (Guyana) Limited

Parbatie Khan, Dip. (Business Mgmt.), ACIB, MBA

General Manager, Risk
HFC Bank (Ghana) Limited

Anthony Jordan, BSc (Mgmt. Studies), ACIB, EMBA

Assistant Country Manager
Havana Representative Office

Susan Monsegue, BSc. Management

Special Projects

Project Manager, Enterprise Risk Management Project

Jagnath Moonian, FCCA, CRMA

Project Manager, Head Office

Gillian Pierre, Dip (Business Mgmt.)

Manager, Head Office

Jadgesh Ramjit, BSc Management (Econ.& Fin.), MBA

Manager, Head Office

Najette Abraham, Dip. (Business Mgmt.)

Assistant Manager, Head Office

Wendy Ann Frenche

Creditor Protection Support Unit

Senior Manager

Sandra Bahadursingh , Dip. (Business Mgmt.)

Sales & Operations Manager

Sandra Bahadursingh , Dip. (Business Mgmt.)

Electronic Channels & Payments Division

Senior Manager, Electronic Channels & Payments

Kwame Blanchfield, BA (History & Government)

Manager, Operations & Finance

Judith Punch-Wafe,Dip (Business Mgmt.), Dip. (HR Mgmt.), ACCA

Credit Manager

Sandra Dopson, Dip. (Business Mgmt.)

Manager, IT

Sharon Lucky-Durbal, BSc (Info. Systems & Mgmt.), MBA

Manager, Electronic Channels & Payments

Marsha O’Neal, BSc (Sociology & Mgmt. Studies), MBA

Manager, Sales and Service

Fabian Kublalsingh

Foreign Exchange Centre (Forex)/Group Treasury

Senior Manager, Treasury

Baldath Ramkissoon, BSc (Mgmt.), MSc. (Int’l Fin.), MBA

Manager, Foreign Exchange & Dealing

Rush Ramoutar, BSc. (Mgmt. & Finance), MSc. (Mgmt.)

Manager, Forex

Courtney Buckradee, Dip. (Business Mgmt.)

Manager, Money Market

Ravi Mykoo,BSc (Econ and Mgmt.)

Information Technology Management Division

Assistant General Manager

Denyse Ramnarine, BSc (Computer Science & Physics),
MSc (Telecom.), Dip. (Business Mgmt.)

Senior Manager, Technology Advancement

Marlon Persad, BSc (Computer Science), MSc (Computer Science), EMBA

Manager, Data Centre Services

Johnason Nath, Dip. IMIS, BSc. (Computing & Information Systems), MBA

Manager, End User Services

Judy Dhoray, BSc (Maths/Computer Science), MSc (Computer Science), MBA

Manager, Information Reporting & Data Management

Kiran Ramlakhan, BSc (Computer Science & Mgmt.), MSc (Computer Science)

Manager, Production Support

Darryl Headley, BSc (Computing)

Project Manager/IT Governance

Brent Cabrera, Dip. (Computer Systems Design), MSc (Strategic Business IT), IMBA

Manager, Technology Deployment

Neal Motilal, Tech. Dip. (Telecom. Eng.)

Manager, Technology Infrastructure

John Corbin

Manager, Application Support

Lisa Norville, BSc (Computer Studies)

Project Manager

Robert Sharpe, Dip. (Business Mgmt.)

Trust Services Division & Wealth Management Division

Trust Services

Senior Manager, Trust Services

Ena Dalchan-Mahabir, ACCA

Investment Manager, Trust Services

Jerome Gooptar, BSc (Mgmt. Studies), CFA

Manager, Trust Services

Courtney Inniss, BSc (Mgmt.)

Operations Manager

Jo-Ann Ragoo-Khalawan, BSc (Mgmt. Studies

Marketing Manager

Brendon Howell, BSc (Acct.) (Hons.), CFA, MBA

Project Manager

Sabatry Ramnath, BSc (Computing) (Hons.)

Wealth Management


Steve Roberts, BSc(Mgmt.Studies)(Hons.)

Manager, Investments

Carla Kelshall, BSc (Econ. & Maths) (Hons), CFA, Associate of Society of Actuaries,(ASA), Dip. Actuarial Techniques (DAT)


Brad Tom Yew, BSc (Marketing), MBA (Fin.)

Acting Assistant Manager, Finance

Selma Webb, (FCCA), (ACCA)

Corporate Business Centre – East/Central

Regional Corporate Manager

Anthony Clerk, Dip. (Business Mgmt.), AIBAF, EMBA

Corporate Manager

Ramish Maharaj, Dip. (Business Mgmt.), ACIB, MBA

Corporate Manager

Vaughn Welsh, Dip (Bkg.), ACIB, MBA

Credit Manager

Shaeen Ghouralal, Dip. (Financial Mgmt.)

Credit Manager

Shawn Moses, BSc (Mgmt. Studies and Econ.)

Credit Manager

John Ford

Corporate Business Centre - North

Regional Corporate Manager

Karen Tom Yew-Jardine, BSc (Mgmt.), MBA (Finance), LLB

Corporate Manager

Giselle Busby,BSc (Ind. Mgmt.), MBA

Corporate Manager

Derek Mohammed,Dip. (Business Mgmt.), ACIB

Corporate Manager

Jimmy Cedeno, BSc (Mgmt. Studies), EMBA

Corporate Manager

Andre Crosby, MBA

Corporate Manager

Adrian Riley, BSc (Acct.), MBA (Finance)

Corporate Manager

Lisa Maria Morris, BSc (Econ. With Acct.), MBA

Corporate Manager

Charmaine Khan, Dip (Bkg.)

Credit Manager

Kris Chewlin, BSc (Acct.), MBA (Finance)

Corporate Business Centre – South

Regional Corporate Manager

Brian Alleyne, BA (Econ.), CFA

Corporate Manager

Ian Leonard, BSc (Mgmt. Studies) (Hons.)

Corporate Manager

Davi Samaroo-Singh,BSc (Econ.)

Corporate Manager

Rawlston Singh, Dip. (Bkg.)

Credit Manager

Venus Frith, , BSc (Bank. & Fin.)

Corporate Business Centre – Support Unit

Credit Manager

Eugene Lee

Investment Banking

Regional Manager, Investment Banking

Riah Dass-Mungal, BSc (Acct.), FCCA

Investment Manager, Investment Banking

John Peter Clarke, BA (Hons.), MA

Investment Manager, Investment Banking

Stephen Grell, BA (Econ.), MSc (Finance)


Capil Boodram, CA, ACCA, CISA, BA (Bus. Admin), MSc (Fin. Mgt)

Branch Sales Manager

Arima/ Shops of Arima

Richard Mc Letchie,Dip. (Financial Mgmt.)

Centre City, Chaguanas

Nirmala Seetaram-Harrilal, Dip. (Bkg.) (IBAF)

Cipero Street

Bharath Rambally

Couva/ Atlantic Plaza

Robert Seetaram , Dip. (Bkg.), IBAF

Diego Martin/Glencoe

Isa Ghassie

Ellerslie Court

Andrea Kurbanali, Dip. (Financial Mgmt.)

Gulf View

Keithan Weston, AIBAF

Harris Promenade

Acting BSM
Verlene Browne, ACCA, BSc. ( Mgmt.)

High Street

Roopmin Ramkissoon-Ramdeo, ACIB

Independence Square

Susan Williams, Dip (Business)

Long Circular Mall

Acting BSM
Ann Marie Frederick – Phillips


Ralph Ragoonanan

Mayaro/Rio Claro

Jemma Persad, Dip. (Bkg.)

Park Street/Hilton

Rhonda Joseph-Walters, Dip. (Bkg.)


Cheryl Harrilal, Dip (Business Management), MBA

Point Fortin

Damien Richards , BA (Bus. Mgmt.), Adv. Dip. Business Admin, ABE

Princes Town

Wendy Ann Joseph, Dip. (Business Mgmt.), AICB, MBA

Promenade Centre

Ingrid McKenzie

Sangre Grande

Acting BSM
Auriol Small, MBA, BSc.(Mgmt)

San Juan/ San Juan Lendings

Vydanand Singh


Dave Mansingh, Dip. (Bkg.), ACIB

South Park

Marsha Lee Wing-Gopaul, Cert (Banking) IBAF


Operations Manager
Alison St. Hilaire, Assoc. Degree (Applied Science)

Area Manager
Shedley Branche, BSc (Mgmt.) (Hons.), MBA

Tragarete Road

Ann Marie Phillips,Dip. (Finance)


Nycrisha Belgraves, BSc (Mgmt Studies)

Tunapuna West/East

Geeta Harricharan, Dip. (Bkg.), BSc (Banking and Finance)


Latisha De Gannes, BSc (Mgmt.) (Hons.), Dip. (Bkg.) (IBAF), MBA

Valpark/ Grand Bazaar

Nadine Riley


Charmaine Ramsubhag-Baball


Acting BSM
Simone Anthony

Republic Bank (Barbados) Limited

Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer

Ian De Souza, Dip. (Mgmt.), BSc (Econ.), MBA, CPA, CMA, CA, CIRA

Republic Bank (Cayman) Limited

Managing Director

Ravi Mykoo, BSc (Econ. and Mgmt.)

Republic Bank (Grenada) Limited

Managing Director

Keith A. Johnson, BSc (Accountancy), MBA, AICB

Republic Bank (Guyana) Limited

Managing Director

Richard Sammy, BSc (Mgmt. Studies) (Hons.), MBA

Republic Bank (Suriname) N.V.

Managing Director

Gloria Anthony, ACIB, MBA

Republic Securities Limited

Chief Executive Officer

Godfrey Gosein, BSc (Ind. Mgmt.), MBA

HFC Bank (Ghana) Limited

Managing Director

Robert Le Hunte, BA (Econ.), MSc (Acct.), CA, MBA

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