This is the practice of sending emails to mislead the recipients into disclosing personal information like credit card numbers, personal identification numbers (PINS), passwords or account data, usually by directing the recipient to a fake website. Phishing emails or SMS/Text Messages often look legitimate with official logos. They encourage you to update your information by clicking a link in the email. This link may take you to a bogus website which asks you to enter your personal details so it can capture them.

Helpful Tips to guard oneself against "phishing"

  • Be wary of emails, SMS/Text messages asking you for personal information or to verify such details. No Republic Bank employee would call or email you asking for your personal details like your PIN or account information. If anyone does, report it to us immediately.
  • If you receive strange emails, do not open them or click on any links in them. If you do, you may allow viruses and intruders to gain access to your system. 
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