#betheone Profile- Cotton Tree Foundation

Education isn’t solely about the ability to develop new skills or learn new things. It’s about the opportunities it opens, the confidence it instills, and the gratitude, humility and understanding it teaches. Everyone at The Cotton Tree Foundation whose mission is to improve the lives of disadvantaged people through education knows this, but few are as committed to the cause as Merika. Described as a selfless, stellar, smiling, wonder woman and guardian angel; she lives by the words “No matter who you are, what you do, it’s not for me to judge. Once I have, I will give.” Providing the level of support The Cotton Tree Foundation offers at only $100 per child is challenging, so selfless contributors like Merika are invaluable to the organization.

How many of us can say that we meant something to a stranger? That we somehow made a difference in the life of someone else with no promise of, or expectation of a reward. How about sponsoring a child/volunteering at the foundation? Shouldn’t we all want to be a little more like Merika, and leave the world better simply because we were here? #BetheOne

April 4, 2018
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