Republic Bank Funds New Caiman Enclosure At RCCTT

September 21, 2021, Port of Spain – Republic Bank has partnered with The Reptile Conservation Centre of Trinidad and Tobago (RCCTT) to construct a new Caiman enclosure at their facility.

RCCTT, which is located at #16 Sin Verguenza, Cumuto, seeks to preserve wildlife through rescue, rehabilitation and relocation. The enclosure initially began construction earlier this year and was completed in September as works were delayed due to the construction sector being closed during the lockdown period. Some RBL employees actually took it upon themselves to become further involved by volunteering to work on the enclosure.

This donation marked the first time RBL has partnered with the RCCTT and the aid came on the back of the recent oil spills that affected various wildlife species, particularly the Spectacled Caimans that were severely impacted. This purpose of the enclosure would be to rehabilitate the impacted Spectacled Caimans before releasing them to its natural habitat.

This endeavour reflects RBL’s commitment to following the code for Principles of Responsible Banking and directly aligns with The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Finance Initiative.

The enclosure was officially opened on Sunday 19th September, where the Spectacled Caimans will continue its rehabilitation in their new dwelling space until they are strong enough to be released.

September 21, 2021
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