Republic Bank reflects on its successes and accomplishments at Thanksgiving Service

Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, January 13, 2017: “ It is important that, no matter how busy we are and no matter how hectic things become, that we take the time as a family to reflect, not only on where we have been, but also where we are going. We have our goals and focus our energies on attaining them and when we do attain them, our focus then shifts to what will be our next achievement. I therefore want us to take the time today to reflect on some of our accomplishments in 2016, and for us to give thanks for them.” This was the sentiment shared by the Bank’s Managing Director, Nigel Baptiste, at the Thanksgiving service, held for staff at the Holy Trinity Cathedral, Abercromby Street, Port-of-Spain on Friday. (January 13)

Speaking to a church filled with staff and members from the Inter-Religious Organisation (IRO) Baptiste who spoke on the theme, “Reflections”, encouraged the staff to be thankful for each other, while striving to be deserving and grateful for the honour of serving the needs of others.

The thanksgiving service, which was held to reflect on the past year (2016) and to recognize the staff for their dedication and commitment throughout the years, was also aimed at being thankful for 179 years of existence. Several members of staff also joined in with members of the IRO to offer up prayers on behalf of the Bank.

Republic Bank has always been grateful for both its blessings and its trials, and sees this act of thanksgiving as an opportunity, where we can focus on being appreciative and making a positive difference in the lives of staff, their families and their communities.

January 17, 2017
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