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Commingling - The New, ‘Dirty’ Word in Banking

This is the 1st of a 5-part financial literacy series where we’ll discuss trending topics of interest to entrepreneurs.

When Social Good Meets Culture

Culture is all about our beliefs, values and behaviour. Social good is all about creating positive social impacts. Surely, when the two meet, a society can benefit.

The Evolution of the Entrepreneur: Leading the Leaders

We left off our last discussion saying that 2019 would be a make or break year for the entrepreneur; calling for an “all hands on deck” mentality from outside parties to become more involved in the creation of a truly empowered, stronger, and more viable entrepreneurial class.

Foreign Exchange Reserves – Why all the Fuss?

As citizens of a small open economy, that imports the bulk of what it consumes, we can certainly appreciate the need to have foreign currency on hand to pay for those goods and services.

The Best Version of You

Recently, I was taking an afternoon stroll, it was one of those breezy, golden February days and as I walked past a park with children playing cricket, football and climbing on a jungle gym, I thought of Sheryl Sandberg’s innovative analogy on career growth. As former VP of Google and Facebook COO since 2008, she spoke in her somewhat controversial bestseller, ‘Lean In’, of the jungle gym as a metaphor for career progression.

The Marathon Runner

In 490 BC, the legend goes that a young Greek soldier was given the ominous task of running over 25 miles to deliver the message of the defeat of the Persians to a troop of anxious Athenians. According to the legend, Pheidippides ran the entire distance after fighting in the historic Battle of Marathon, burst into the Assembly announcing "Athens is saved", before collapsing on the floor and dying.


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