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Millennials in the Workplace

On a recent trip abroad, while I was relaxing in the departure lounge, I glanced around to find that most people were glued to electronic devices, hardly chatting, just watching that small screen. Twenty years ago, the scenario would’ve been so different.

Trade Facilitation Summit brings Regional and African businesses together

"I would like to start by saying a very special welcome to the delegates who have joined us today representing a wide range of industries from around the Caribbean including Guyana and Suriname and from Ghana."

The Diplomacy of Leadership

In recent times, the word ‘leadership’ has become synonymous with many a varied connotation. The global political climate is under intense scrutiny, fueled by an outpouring of almost daily breaking news from the United States. It’s impossible not to question how such headlines, and the subsequent responses from those in a position of power, can affect us on a psychological level.

Changing the Leadership Paradigm

Within the last decade, one of the biggest topics to emerge in the global conversations about the future of business and society is Leadership. Rightfully so, as there seems to be no shortage of incidences of poor leadership, the stories of how they have cost millions, and worst of all, how bad (but possibly well-intentioned) decisions have irrevocably affected the lives of millions.

Convenient Ways to Pay

Leaving home without the need to carry cash around with you is becoming increasingly commonplace, as mobile and digital payment options become more widely available. Many people already use services, such as PayPal, digital wallets and contactless cards, citing convenience and safety as the top reasons for making the switch from cash to cashless payments.

Surviving Challenging Economic Times

When the price of oil fell from an annual average of US$93 per barrel in 2014 to US$49 in 2015 and then to US$43 in 2016, severe consequences were imposed on the domestic economy, which were exacerbated by the fall in gas and oil output during the period. The direct effect was a significant fall in revenue from the energy sector, which in turn led to a contraction in GDP, the deterioration of public finances and increased unemployment.


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