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Convenient Ways to Pay

Leaving home without the need to carry cash around with you is becoming increasingly commonplace, as mobile and digital payment options become more widely available. Many people already use services, such as PayPal, digital wallets and contactless cards, citing convenience and safety as the top reasons for making the switch from cash to cashless payments.

Surviving Challenging Economic Times

When the price of oil fell from an annual average of US$93 per barrel in 2014 to US$49 in 2015 and then to US$43 in 2016, severe consequences were imposed on the domestic economy, which were exacerbated by the fall in gas and oil output during the period. The direct effect was a significant fall in revenue from the energy sector, which in turn led to a contraction in GDP, the deterioration of public finances and increased unemployment.

Is there a Millennial Bubble?

You may not have heard of the YouTuber, Logan Paul, who has over 15 million subscribers and 16 million followers on Instagram (LoganPaul). But it’s a safe bet that most millennials know of the self-described “goofy dude with BIG goals”.

The Social Good Revolution

In recent years there has been a huge shift in the value and importance that both people and organisations place on social good. Together, both the rise of social media and the coming of age of the socially minded millennial generation are working to expand our understanding of what it means to be socially responsible – best described as a social good revolution.


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