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Our Life, Our Story: Jo-Anne Mouttet-Persad

“Do you ever cry, Jo-Anne?”

“Not really. The only time I really cried was when I had to be admitted to the nursing home for infusion of my last two chemotherapy cycles which required supervision. This was a result of my injectable port being removed prematurely because it was compromised. My doctors were more worried about my husband. [laughs] He has been such great support,” Jo-Anne said.

November 24, 2020

Our Life, Our Story: Bernadette McCarthy

Bernadette’s demeanor was reserved. She was quiet and well-meaning, but from her physical appearance, it was easy to tell that there was more to her personality than she let on. She had a tattoo on her right ear and half of her head shaven into an undercut.

November 17, 2020


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