Champion Charity Programme

Nigel Baptiste
Managing Director
  • We Say Yes Foundation
  • Holy Rosary Church
  • Sponsorship of the youth entrepreneurship arm of the programme
  • To facilitate the execution of the Civic, Community, social Education Programme in primary schools
  • Contribution towards Church

Derwin Howell
Executive Director
  • Monlo Music Limited
  • Exodus Steel Orchestra Sponsorship
  • Story Telling project with Noble Laureate Pearl Eintou Springer
  • To support the Band

Karen Yip Chuck
General Manager
  • Caribbean Kids & Families Therapy Org, CKFTO
  • San Fernando Center for Displaced Persons
  • Sponsorship of children for rehabilitation therapy services
  • Upgrade of Night shelter - start up cost
Richard Sammy

Richard Sammy
General Manager
  • Restore A Sense of I Can
  • Sponsorship of Tech Clubs across secondary schools nationally
  • Support for ICT Coding Workshops for secondary schools

Denyse Ramnarine
General Manager
  • Sick Kids Foundation
  • Children's Authority of T & T
  • SickKids Caribbean Initiative Requested USD125k Proposed USD100k
  • To provide two buses. 1 for Trinidad and 1 for Tobago

Kimberly Erriah-Ali
General Manager
  • Adam Smith Square Concert & Tobago Concert
  • Republic Bank Love Movement Youth Outreach Programme
  • Africa Film Trinidad & Tobago
  • Annual Christmas Concert
  • Sponsorship of the youth outreach activities of Love Movement
  • Sponsorship of the Africa Film Movie Maxi outreach series and support for the student showcase.
Baldath Ramkissoon

Baldath Ramkissoon
General Manager
  • National Association of Athletic Administrators
  • Positive moments with Andrew and Don
  • Sponsorship of the annual Championship events
  • 1 hr talk show hosted by Andrew and Don with guests who have a story to share that will uplift and inspire.

Aldrin Ramgoolam
General Manager
  • National Carnival Bands Association
  • YAHWEH Foundation Youth Support Programme - Tobago
  • Sponsorship of the Mas Academy youth outreach programme
  • Sponsorship of Project YEAH - Youth Art Programme, teen support group and Environmental CPR - Connect, Preserve and Recycle

Marlon Persad
General Manager
  • T&T Cancer Society
  • Annual contribution towards the Society to host the Bubbles for Life initiative and the "I Care Because Cancer Doesn’t" educational campaign in schools nationally.

Riah Dass-Mungal
General Manager
  • Servol Junior Life Centre
  • Down Syndrome Family Network
  • Transplant Links Community
  • St Ann’s / Cascade Motivational Programme - Remedial Classes
  • To host the Network's Annual Conference, Buddy Walk and other activities.
  • To facilitate paediatric kidney transplants across the country.
Michael Walcott

Michael Walcott
General Manager
  • Rotary Club of St. Augustine West
  • Blue Phoenix Mentorship Services
  • Horses Helping Humans
  • To assist with enhancement works at the Wendy Fitzwilliam Children's Hospital
  • St Mary's Children's Home
  • To provide therapy session for two autistic students annually

Parasram Salickram
General Manager
  • In Full Flight - R.E.P.U.B.L.I.C. Ready!
  • Republic Bank Extraordinaires Tassa Group
  • Institute of Marine Affairs
  • To provide motivational outreach programmes across the country - Project HOPE
  • Sponsorship of the Tassa group
  • Sponsorship of the environmental awareness programme for the Decade of the Ocean
Carlene Seudat

Carlene Seudat
General Manager
  • Butler Institute Learning & Labour
  • Chosen Hands
  • The Esimaje Foundation
  • Support for the remedial classes in primary schools
  • Support for the Art & Wellness programme for St. Jude's Girls' School
  • Support for the refurbishment of the Nelson Street Boys' computer literacy enhancement project
Robert Soverall

Robert Soverall
General Manager
  • Jane Young Junior Golf - Tobago
  • Sponsorship of the annual Jane Young Junior Golf programme in Tobago
Karen Tom Yew

Karen Tom Yew-Jardine
General Manager
  • T & T Film Collaborators (FILMCO)
  • The Pointe-A-Pierre Wild Fowl Trust
  • John E Sabga Foundation
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • T & T Film Festival
  • Environmental Education, Public Awareness and Aviculture Work
  • Contribution towards the Foundation
  • Building more resilient houses and neighbourhoods

David Robinson
General Manager
  • Loveuntil Foundation
  • Support for the school based programme for schools in POS and environs
Wendy Bosse

Wendy Bosse
General Manager
  • Adult Literacy Tutors Association POS (ALTA)
  • Cotton Tree Foundation
  • To provide reading circles for ALTA students and complete the launch of ALTA's Online student portal
  • Sponsorship of the after school homework programme
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