History of The Power to Make a Difference


Born out of the Make A Difference Fund, in 2003, the Power to Make A Difference programme took its first steps toward becoming the next rewarding chapter in an ongoing history of collaboration with advocacy groups in the pursuit of building successful and sustainable societies.

As we built and grew with others, the past 15 years have unfolded as a narrative the likes of which we could never have imagined.

We formed powerful connections, working together to help enhance the quality of lives of persons with disabilities, support healthcare programmes, provide opportunities for young people to realise their truest potential through sport, education, literacy, culture and the arts, and raise the bar for community investment through a wide-reaching, comprehensive staff volunteerism programme.

In celebrating a milestone of longevity and achievement, we are grateful for being part of a remarkable journey of sacrifice, accomplishment, and discovery.

We are continually inspired by the alliances made, fully aware that behind the narrative and the stories of successful partnerships, are the lives of the people who we are able to help.

As we look back, we look ahead; humbled by the successes, and encouraged by opportunity to do even more.

In so doing, we aim to stay true to that simple oath made 15 years ago.

The oath that beats at the heart of the Power to Make A Difference programme.

“To be our brother’s and sister’s keeper.”
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