Application For Support Under The Power To Make A Difference Programme

We execute our Power to Make A Difference programme through partnerships with registered charitable or non profit organisations.

All Power to Make A Difference applicants must be registered with the Board of Inland Revenue. They must be well managed and accountable to donors for funds received. Beneficiaries who receive funds from the Power to Make A Difference programme will have to account for the use of funds through submitted periodic expenditure reports. Funds must be used only for the purpose requested and must not be applied to other purposes without the bank’s written permission.

Power to Make A Difference applicants must use the following form Apply Here

Please note that all supporting documents must be sent via email to

General Information

  • Articles of Incorporation (where applicable)
  • Most recent audited financial statement (within two years of current year)
  • List of Board of Directors and copies of Identification
  • Supporting documents for the programme/project, with quotations from relevant suppliers etc.

For Vehicle Requests:

  • 3 quotations from 3 different dealerships
  • Insurance, maintenance and any salary for drivers must be paid for by the organisation
  • Copies of relevant permits to be submitted with the application

For Construction Requests:

  • Approved drawings must be submitted
  • Quotations from contractors to be included
  • Deed & Cadastral sheet to be included where relevant
  • Recent Receipts from relevant utilities where applicable

All proposals must contain clearly outlined comprehensive proposals/plans and be accompanied by the relevant quotations. In making decisions regarding contributions to our partnerships with charitable organisations, we reserve the right to request a visit to the institution to ensure the relevance of the project to the programme's focus and the organisation’s eligibility for funding. For more information, please send an email to

The deadline for Applications for funding is June 30 to be considered under the following year's budget. We will inform all successful applicants by October.

Please note that any allocated funding must be applied in the year for which it was requested and approved. Failure to do so will result in the loss of funding.

For example, if we grant funds for your project to be executed in the fiscal year 2023/2024, and it is not started before September 30, 2024, your organisation must reapply to the programme the following year (2025) or afterwards.

Successful applicants are required to submit interim reports on the project’s progress, as well as quarterly expenditure statements. Additionally, they must account for all funds we provide. Also, if funds are allocated for one project, they cannot be transferred to another organisation.

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