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Building a Regional Tech Hub

The pace of technology is rapid. As Robert Vis, founder and CEO of MessageBird puts it, “in tech the Goliaths – no matter how established they are – know they're always just one slingshot strike away from getting knocked down by a faster, more agile start-up version of David.”

Ageing: Challenges and Opportunities

Continual advancement in medicine, together with enhanced knowledge of sanitation and nutrition has extended the life spans of humans globally. Accompanying this enhancement of life expectancy is the rise of a smaller family structure.

Integrity and the Entrepreneur at Work

In my last blog I shared the fact that as a business leader or an entrepreneur, your personal and professional integrity are critical elements of your success; they maintain your reputation and are key for getting and retaining the support of your clients or customers, stakeholders, and of course, your team.

Creditworthiness: The who, what, when, where and why of your business

This is the 4th of a 5-part Financial Literacy series where we’ll discuss trending topics within the entrepreneurial space.

Data, Data, and Everything Data

In just a few days marketing teams from across the Republic Group will convene for our bi-annual Regional Marketing Conference under the timely and increasingly powerful theme of ‘Data, Data, and Everything Data’.

Reflecting on the 2019 Mid-Year Budget Review

The 2019 Mid-year Budget Review was delivered with an air of optimism, which was bolstered by the improved performance of the country’s external and fiscal accounts.


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